Kudemskaya narrow-gauge railway

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Kudemskaya narrow-gauge railway
Type Narrow gauge railway
Locale Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
Termini Severodvinsk
Beloye Ozero
Opened 1949
Operator(s) СМУП «БЕЛОЕ ОЗЕРО»
Line length 41 kilometres (25 mi)
Track gauge 750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in)
Route map
Kudemskaya narrow gauge railway.png

Coordinates: 64°16′04″N 39°50′44″E / 64.26769°N 39.84544°E / 64.26769; 39.84544 The Kudemskaya narrow-gauge railway is located in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. The narrow-gauge railway, a former forest railway, was opened in 1949 and has a total length of 108 kilometres (67 mi), of which 41 kilometres (25 mi) is currently operational. The track gauge is 750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in). The Head Office of the railway is located in the Arkhangelsk Oblast, Severodvinsk.

Current status[edit]

The total length of the Kudemskoy narrow-gauge railway at the peak of its development exceeded 100 kilometres (62 mi). The main station is located in the village of Beloye Ozero; the Vodogon station is located on the western outskirts of the city of Severodvinsk. Passenger trains between Vodogon and Beloye Ozero are scheduled five times a week. The railway also transports goods such as food, post and fuel.[1] In 2010, this railway appeared in the Forbes ranking of the 10 most beautiful railway routes in the world.[2] In 2013, a new passenger car was purchased for the route.[3]

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