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Kudit is an American company that was formed in 2007 with a focus on designing web-based and native applications for the Apple Inc. iPhone and iPod Touch. The company has a product lineup of over 20 web-based applications[1] and, after the launch of the iPhone 2.0 OS in July 2008, at least seven native applications available for download via the App Store.[2]

Web applications[edit]

In response to a need to provide an easier and more legal solution to accessing applications on an iPhone instead of through jailbreaking, Kudit announced the development of several web applications. In July 2007, Kudit announced their first series of web based Kudits,[3] including BMI Calculator, Words Per Minute,[4] Kitchen Converter,[5] and Tips.[6] These web apps are subscription based, allowing a user to pay a small fee to enjoy access to the application at their leisure.

Tips[7] and Finger Scan[8] were two of the most popular Kudits available, earning positive reviews among critics across the internet. Roshambo, another Kudit creation, provides a multiplayer experience among iPhones or online users, before such capability became widely available in native iPhone applications.[9]

Kudit's current focus is PassSource.com, a tool to create and issue Apple Wallet passes, and Deckmaster, a Magic: the Gathering toolbox app.

Native applications[edit]

With the launch of the App Store in July 2008, Kudit began a transition to offering native applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Shout It, Tips, Finger Scan, Mimeo, Versus, and Mystic Seer, all original web app Kudits, were announced and shortly available on the App Store as native applications.[10]

The newest native application is a port of their web application Mosaic.


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