Kudos (granola bar)

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Kudos Chocolate Chip.gif
Kudos - chocolate chip flavor
Nutritional value per 1 bar (24 g)
Energy0.42 kJ (0.10 kcal)
17 g
Sugars8 g
Dietary fiber1 g
2.5 g
Saturated1.5 g
Trans0 g
1 g
MineralsQuantity %DV
110 mg

Facts given are for the Dove variation.
Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.

Kudos is a milk chocolate granola cereal bar produced by Mars, Incorporated.

When initially launched in 1986, there were three varieties: chocolate chip, nutty fudge and peanut butter. The original formulation of the bar was much more candy bar-like with less focus on the granola, although the original intention was to offer a healthier candy bar alternative.

The original slogan was "Kudos, I'm yours!"