Kue kembang goyang

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Kue kembang goyang
Kue kembang goyang.jpg
Kue kembang goyang
TypeCake, kue
Place of originIndonesia[1] and Malaysia[2][3]
Main ingredientsFlour, sugar, milk, baking powder

Kue kembang goyang or kuih loyang is an Indonesian and Malaysian flower-shaped traditional snack (kuih), associated with Betawi cuisine [1]and Malay cuisine.[2]


If it is translated into English, the word kembang goyang means a shaking flower (kembang). Kue kembang goyang is made of rice flour which is mixed with eggs, sugar, a pinch of salt, and coconut milk. The dough can be fried after heating the oil and the kembang goyang mold. After the oil and kembang goyang mold get hot, the mold can be put into the dough and then put into the hot oil again while shaking a mold until the dough get unattached.[4]

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