Kue putu mayang

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Kue putu mayang
Putu mayang.JPG
Kue putu mayang with liquid palm sugar
TypeString hopper, kue
CourseBreakfast, dessert, snack
Region or stateNationwide
Associated national cuisineIndonesia
Created byIndonesians
Main ingredientsRice flour

Kue putu mayang (Javanese: ꦥꦸꦠꦸꦩꦪꦁ, romanized: putu mayang) is an Indonesian string hopper dish made of starch or rice flour and coconut milk, then shaped like noodles. This noodle-like dish served with kinca (liquid palm sugar) in Betawi and Javanese cuisine,[1] or with chutney or curry in Indian Indonesian cuisine.

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