Kugaryuak River

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Kugaryuak River
Country Canada
Basin features
River mouth Coronation Gulf

The Kugaryuak River is located in the Canadian Arctic territory of Nunavut in the southwest Kitikmeot Region. It forks into two entities, the Western Kugaryuak (67°46′N 114°25′W / 67.767°N 114.417°W / 67.767; -114.417 (Western Kugaryuak)) and the Eastern Kugaryuak (67°43′N 113°17′W / 67.717°N 113.283°W / 67.717; -113.283 (Eastern Kugaryuak)) and flows into Coronation Gulf.[1]

Arctic charr abound in the Kugaryuak.


In 1928, a Hudson's Bay Company trading post was moved to Kugaryuak (Post Number: B.429) from Tree River.[2][3]

The Kugaryuagmiut were a Copper Inuit subgroup that lived along the shores of the Kugaryuak. In 1990, three archaeological sites of tent rings were found along the Kugaryuak from precontact Inuit period.[4]

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Coordinates: 67°42′N 113°18′W / 67.700°N 113.300°W / 67.700; -113.300 (Kugaryuak River)