Kugluktuk (electoral district)

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Nunavut electoral district
Territorial electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Nunavut
Mila Adjukak Kamingoak
District created 1999
First contested 1999
Last contested 2017
Population (2006) 1,302
Census divisions Kitikmeot Region
Census subdivisions Kugluktuk

Kugluktuk[pronunciation?] (Inuinnaqtun and French: Kugluktuk, Inuktitut: ᖁᕐᓗᕐᒃᑐᕐᒃ[1]) is the most western territorial electoral district (riding) for the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut, Canada.

The riding consists of the community of Kugluktuk in the Kitikmeot Region.

Former Member of the Legislative Assembly for Kugluktuk, Joe Allen Evyagotailak, stepped down 20 August 2008, stating that he wanted to run for the presidency of the Kitikmeot Inuit Association (KIA).[2][3] There was not a by-election as the next general election was to be held 27 October 2008, leaving the riding unrepresented at the last session.[3] At that time, Peter Taptuna was elected. He was acclaimed at the subsequent general election, and was later elected premier by the legislature. He did not run in the 2017 general election, and the riding again acclaimed its next MLA, Mila Adjukak Kamingoak.

Election results[edit]

1999 election[edit]

1999 Nunavut general election
  Name Vote %
     Donald Havioyak 200 35.15%
     Ida Ayalik-McWilliam 194 34.10%
     Stanley K. Anablak 125 21.97%
     Kevin Bryce Niptanatiak 50 8.78%
Total Valid Ballots 569 100%
Voter Turnout % Rejected Ballots

2004 election[edit]

2004 Nunavut general election
[4] Name Vote %
     Joe Allen Evyagotailak 215 40.41%
     Donald Havioyak 165 31.02%
     Millie Kuliktana 152 28.57%
Total Valid Ballots 532 100%
Voter Turnout 134.33% Rejected Ballots 8

2008 election[edit]

2008 Nunavut general election
[5] Name Vote %
     Peter Taptuna 264 59.7%
     Donald Havioyak 178 40.3%
Total Valid Ballots 442 100%

2013 election[edit]

2013 Nunavut general election
[6] Name Vote %
     Peter Taptuna Acclaimed

2017 election[edit]

2017 Nunavut general election
[6] Name Vote %
     Mila Adjukak Kamingoak Acclaimed


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