Kuhn Island

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Kuhn Island
Kuhn Ø
FMIB 43834 Depot on Kuhn Island.jpeg
Depot on Kuhn Island during the German Arctic Expedition of 1869-70
Kuhn Island is located in Greenland
Kuhn Island
Kuhn Island
Location Greenland Sea, East Greenland
Coordinates 74°53′N 20°15′W / 74.883°N 20.250°W / 74.883; -20.250Coordinates: 74°53′N 20°15′W / 74.883°N 20.250°W / 74.883; -20.250
Area 634 km2 (245 sq mi)[1]
Highest elevation 1,136 m (3,727 ft)
Highest point Schwarze Wand
Zone NE Greenland National Park
Population uninhabited

Kuhn Island (Danish: Kuhn Ø) is a coastal island in Hochstetter Bay, eastern Greenland. There are coal deposits on the island.[2] [3]


This island lies to the north of Wollaston Foreland, separated from the mainland by a narrow sound, the Figely Fjord of the Greenland Sea. The islands that are located further off the shore in the bay are Shannon Island and the Pendulum Islands.[4]

1870 map of the Northern Portion of Eastern Greenland showing coastal islands.
Map of Northeastern Greenland.

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