Kuiper (Mercurian crater)

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Kuiper crater CN0131774036M.png
Kuiper photographed by MESSENGER
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 11°00′S 31°30′W / 11°S 31.5°W / -11; -31.5Coordinates: 11°00′S 31°30′W / 11°S 31.5°W / -11; -31.5
Diameter 60 km
Eponym Gerard Kuiper

Kuiper is a moderate-size crater with a central peak cluster located at 11 S, 31.5 W on Mercury. It is 60 km in diameter and was named after Gerard Kuiper. Kuiper crater has the highest recorded albedo of any region on the planet's surface, suggesting that it is one of the youngest craters.[1]

Kuiper overlies the northern rim of the larger crater Murasaki.


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