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Kuje Area Council
LGA and town
Central Kuje.
Central Kuje.
Kuje is located in Nigeria
Coordinates: 8°53′47″N 7°14′35″E / 8.89639°N 7.24306°E / 8.89639; 7.24306Coordinates: 8°53′47″N 7°14′35″E / 8.89639°N 7.24306°E / 8.89639; 7.24306
Country Nigeria
StateFederal Capital Territory
 • Total635 sq mi (1,644 km2)
Population (2006)
 • Total97,367
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Kuje is a Local Government Area of the Federal Capital Territory and houses the LGA headquarters. It is about 40 km southwest of Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria.

It has an area of 1,644 km² and a population of 97,367 at the ct 2006 census.

The postal code of the area is 905.[1]


Kuje is a busy market town with a range of roadside stores selling pharmaceuticals, provisions, building materials, ironmongery, tools, phone cards, music CDs. It is also home to several "independent" petrol stations which are unpopular because of the apparent inaccuracy of the calibration of their pumps.


Kuje has several state and private schools including Government Secondary School, Kuje Science Primary School, the Capital Science AcademyDFGS Glorious Shining Star Academy and Nigeria-Ghana International College and Aflon Digital Academy

Kuje Market.


In the centre of Kuje is a colourful market held every 4 days with stalls selling fruit, vegetables, very fresh meat, other provisions, household goods, fabric, shoes, clothing, smoked fish and posters displaying European footballers pictured alongside their houses, wives and cars.[citation needed]


Kuje is seeing a rapid expansion in house building because of its proximity to Abuja and because of the removal of informal settlements along the airport road.[citation needed] There is a network of well tarred roads serving zones of as yet unbuilt housing whilst the existing residential areas are linked by often impassable, potholed dirt roads.

Communication and media[edit]

Kuje has a few community magazine one of which is called Kuje Reflection, where you can read local Kuje news. This Magazine was launched in November 2014. This magazine is one way to have a quick overview of Kuje's business scene. From time to time, a list of Businesses and organisations are listed in the Kuje Reflection so that citizens of Kuje can know what services are available in the community. It serves as a mini business Directory.[2] And due to the lack of impact the community magazine has since its inception, a new and vibrant form of communication will surface in 2016, the weekly newsletter will be introduced in February 2016. It will be serving the entire Kuje communities with news on people, places and event. This will help to bridge the communication gap in the area. It will have pages dedicated to council activities so that the people will be aware of what the government of the day is doing, and this will be in partnership with the council as information will be collated and published for public consumption.

Also a magazine called Konfam which released its maiden edition in May 2016, centred on Kuje as a whole, its culture, values and the people of Kuje in general. Konfam magazine is aimed at bringing Kuje to the lime light. The brains behind the Kuje Konfam Magazine are young and talented, and in a short while has been able to capture the hearts of many of the residents of Kuje.


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