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Network Service
Industry Communications Services
Genre Networks
Headquarters Pristina, Kosovo
Products ISP
Cable TV
Fixed telephony
Website www.kujtesa.com

Founded by five friends (Arber Arifi, Blerim Selimi, Florent Perjuci, Vijon Peja and Fiton Peja) in 1995, Kujtesa started out as a small business that offered a range of IT services, from backing up CDs to computer sales and repairs. The company quickly grew, but during the war of 1999, lost most of its assets and capital, and its owners were put in a position to start from scratch. Quickly, it became one of the first ISPs in Kosovo. Today, Kujtesa is the leading Kosovar ISPs and offers solutions for Internet, Networking, Cable TV, IPTV, and VoIP. Kujtesa leads in the Kosovar market with a share of 55% in broadband internet provision and 48% in the residential cable market.