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Kukeiha Club (矩形波倶楽部, kukeiha kurabu, lit. "Square Wave Club", referring to the company's logo featuring two sharp-cornered waves), stylized as KuKeiHa CLUB, is a band that was formed by Motoaki Furukawa, a composer, arranger, and producer working for the game firm Konami, after his work on Gradius III back in 1990. It is often confused with コナミ矩形波倶楽部 (Konami Kukeiha Club), Konami's team of composers (music in Konami games are credited to Konami Kukeiha Club, not Kukeiha Club). It consists of members from Konami's music production department, mirroring similar bands at the time from other game companies such as Capcom's Alph Lyla and Sega's S.S.T. Band. The band has two "original" albums: A self-titled back in 1990 featuring five original songs and five cover tracks and a second album entitled Hope featuring 10 original tracks. In a few rare cases, other members of Kukeiha Club are known to perform live (such as in the 1991 Konami All Stars: The Sentryp-Bako Heisei 4 Nen Ban album). However, they are credited as "Konami Kukeiha Club".

Initial members[edit]

Primary members[edit]

  • Mami Asano : Keyboards
  • Motoaki Furukawa: All Guitars & Programming
  • Tappy (Tappi Iwase): Drums & Percussion

Guest musicians[edit]

  • Akira Jimbo: drums (Kukeiha Club)
  • Kenichi Mitsuda: keyboards
  • Kenichiro Fukui: synthesizer (Hope / Kukeiha Club)
  • Koichi Namiki: guitar (Kukeiha Club pro-fusion: Tokimeki Memorial)
  • Toyoyuki Tanaka: bass (Kukeiha Club pro-fusion: Salamander)
  • Masato Honda: saxophone


SKU Title Release
KICA-1020 Kukeiha Club 1990·11·21
KICA-7625 Hope / Kukeiha Club 1993·11·26
KICA-7669 Kukeiha Club pro-fusion: Twinbee Yahho! 1995·07·21
KICA-7702 Kukeiha Club pro-fusion: Salamander 1996·05·22
KICA-7820 Kukeiha Club & Konami Kukeiha Club Best Vol. 1 1997·12·22
KICA-7873 Kukeiha Club pro-fusion: Tokimeki Memorial 1998·07·03
KICA-7890 Kukeiha Club & Konami Kukeiha Club Best Vol. 2 1998·09·04
KICA-7890 Kukeiha Club (reissue) 1998·09·23

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