Kukisvumchorr Microdistrict

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View of the town from Kukisvumchorr mountain

Kukisvumchorr (Russian: Кукисвумчорр), Kukisvunchor or Kukisvumtschorr is a microdistrict of Kirovsk, Murmansk Oblast and former work settlement. It was merged into Kirovsk in 1959. Its 1939 population was 8,950. Its population most likely reached 10,000 at some point (most likely even before annexation by Kirovsk) as National Geographic Atlas shows it in bold. There is a crystal mineral named after Kukisvumchor called Kukisvumite or Pektolith Kukisvumtschorr. An open-pit mine is located in Kukisvunchor. Kukisvunchor is also a ski resort and is Russia's most northernly ski resort. Mount Kukisvumchorr is a mountain located in Kukisvumchorr where a ski resort called The Big Woodyavr is located. The mount is part of the Khibiny Mountains.


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