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Union council
Beautiful view of Pir Panjal Mountain range from Kukmang
Beautiful view of Pir Panjal Mountain range from Kukmang
Coordinates: 34°16′20″N 73°25′30″E / 34.27222°N 73.42500°E / 34.27222; 73.42500Coordinates: 34°16′20″N 73°25′30″E / 34.27222°N 73.42500°E / 34.27222; 73.42500
Country  Pakistan
Province Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
District Abbottabad
Tehsil Abbottabad
 • Nazim Khalid Gul [1]
Population [2]
 • Total 20,000 Approx.

Kukmang is one of the 51 union councils of Abbottabad District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[3]


Most of the families living in Kukmang belong to Abbasi (Dhund) and Qureshi clans.


Kukmang is located at 34°16'20N 73°25'30E and has an average elevation of 1208 metres (3966 feet).[4] It is situated in the North East of the district, it borders Boi to the North . River Kunhar to its North East, Pattan Kalan to the East and Rankot to its West and Tandyani to its South West. To the east, beyond the Kunhar River, lies the fabulous snow-covered Pir Panjal mountain range of Kashmir.

Population & Subdivisions[edit]

Estimated population of UC Kukmang is 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) approximately. It is divided into the following areas:

  1. Haryala
  2. Talkand
  3. Marhais
  4. Kanthaili / Nakkar
  5. Gandiala / Dogha
  6. Pathar Gali
  7. Ryali
  8. Sair / Dhand
  9. Jandar Takki / Naryat
  10. Kukmar
  11. Kothiala
  12. Sanja
  13. Devli / Bandi
  14. Pattan Khurd
  15. Palhair
  16. Danna

Hindko is the primary spoken language in Kukmang, however Urdu is also understood and spoken fluently by majority of the residents.


Kukmang features different climates due to its high altitude at one end e.g. from Haryala to Kukmar and low altitude at other end e.g. from Devli / Bandi to Palhair. The villages which are on higher altitude have cold and snowy winters, relatively cool summer with drastically escalated rain, in relation with lower altitudes, and frequent fog. The temperature can rise as high as 35 °C during the mid-summer in lower altitudes and drop below 0 °C during the winter months.

Notable people[edit]

  • Lt.Gen Sabir who served in Pakistan Army at various appointments and commanded one of Pakistan Army Corps.His Father Commander Retd Peer khan was the first man from village how joined the Pakistan Navy.His younger Brother who is doctor left the Army on the rank of Major name Shakir khan.Sardar walayat was their uncle ex consular of kukmang.New Road constructed from Thandyani Rest House till Boi (Road Mahrahmat) is the contribution of Gen Sabir.
  • Brigadier Muhammad Ibrahim khan Son of Hajji Muhammad Azeem khan from Sair village joined Armored Corps Pakistan Army in1979 and served on various appointments.He Commanded One of the Armor Brigade of Pakistan Army. His two younger brother Lt Col Muhammad Haleem Khan and Major Muhammad Naeem Khan is also Serving in Pakistan Army,which is the great honor for the Azeem's Family having 3 son in Pakistan Army.well known in the area.
  • Yasir Hameed from village Kukmar, Kukmang played for Pakistan Cricket Team at international level.


Kukmang has a cricket stadium in the name of Late Sardar Walayat Khan with 48 teams forming a nursery of young cricketers.


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