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Kulipari An Army of Frog.png
Title card for season 1
Created byTrevor Pryce
Based onCharacters created
by Trevor Pryce
Developed byTrevor Pryce
Splash Entertainment
Voices of
Composer(s)Michael Tavera
Country of originUnited States
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes23
Executive producer(s)Trevor Pryce
Mike Young
Producer(s)Supervising Producers:
Clarise Cameron
Patrick Inness
Running time23 minutes
Production company(s)The Outlook Company
Splash Entertainment
Original networkNetflix
Original releaseSeptember 2, 2016[1] – present
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Kulipari is an American Flash animated television series animated by Splash Entertainment. Its first season An Army of Frogs debuted in September 2016 as a Netflix original series. It was produced by Clarise Cameron and Patrick Inness. The show is based on Trevor Pryce's novel series An Army of Frogs. Kulipari: Heritage, a four-issue comic book miniseries, was released from August to November 2016.[2] The series was renewed for a second season called Kulipari: Dream Walker on March 8, 2017, which was released in November 20, 2018.[3][4] A graphic novel called Kulipari: Warflower will be released on January 1, 2019.[5]

Three compilation movies for season 1, Kulipari: An Army of Frogs, Kulipari: Mercenaries and Kulipari: Amphibian's Rise have been released on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes between 2017 and 2018.


The series takes place in the Amphibilands—a hidden village of frogs. For many years the inhabitants of the Amphibilands have lived safely, protected by a magical Veil and an elite group of poison frogs called the Kulipari. The story begins with the frogs of the Amphibilands finding their homeland threatened by an army of scorpions teamed up with the magically powerful Spider Queen. Our hero, Darel, a young frog that has always dreamed of joining the Kulipari despite his lack of poison, finds himself at the front of the battle. With the help of his friends, Darel must overcome his anxieties to embrace his dream of becoming a Kulipari warrior and save all the frogs from extinction.[6]


Main characters[edit]

  • Darel - The main protagonist. Son of Apari and Acala. The Kulipari warrior dreams of becoming a hero like his father. He wasn't born with the power of the poison. At the beginning of the story he trains with the Old Jir. Later, he discovers the scorpions' plan to invade the Amphibilands and thus must undergo a journey in search of the Kulipari to bring them back to the village. He is equipped with a dagger that belonged to his late father. He has feelings for Quoba, a Kulipari scout.
  • Gee - Darel's loyal best friend, he is a fat, gluttonous, awkward frog. In one part of the story he is kidnapped by the army of scorpions causing Darel to go to the land of scorpions to rescue him. Afterwards Gee accompanies Darel until he meets the Kulipari and takes them back to the Amphibilands. He spoils intimate moments between Darel and Quoba. In Season 2, he remains in the village and accompanies Jir while he trains the triplets.
  • Coorah - A friend of Darel and girlfriend of Arabanoo. She has medical skills.
  • Stinger - Marmoo's illegitimate son. He is training to be a Kulipari just like Darel's siblings while also dealing with prejudice mostly from Old Jir.
  • Tharta, Thuma & Tipi - The children of Apari and Acala and younger siblings of Darel. They are triplets who, unlike Darel, inherited Kulipari powers from their father. They have a more major role in "Kulipari: Dream Walker," where they are older and begin to learn about their powers. Tharta is male and has the power to enlarge himself; while Thuma and Tipi are female. Thuma can turn her skin to stone, making her impervious to damage, while Tipi can grow and shoot spikes.


  • Burnu - The leader of the Kulipari four. He uses twin boomerangs in battle, and his poison makes him strong and agile. He shows off a lot of leadership but is arrogant and headstrong, dismissing Darel due to him not being Kulipari. However, later he learns to respect him. Burnu is poisoned during the mountain mission but keeps it hidden as to not to slow the team down. He almost dies as a result but is saved. In season 2, he is sent with Wilka to find out more about the poison scrolls and learns Nahdaran the spider god wants to collect them - and that Marmoo is one of the scrolls.
  • Ponto - Another member of the Kulipari four. He is the tallest and strongest member of the team and an accomplished healer. His poison makes him capable of exceptional feats of strength. In season 2, he gets captured by Darkan and pitted against other prisoners in the arena, teaming up with a captive Marmoo to survive.
  • Dingo - Another member of the Kulipari four. She is the team's archer who often disagrees with how Burnu's leadership decisions. Her poison makes her capable of shooting arrows (of which she has several types) extra far and with great strength. Dingo often makes jokes about her archery and Burnu.
  • Quoba - The scout of the Kulipari, and Darel's closest friend. She can become invisible and teleport. She and Darel grow closer during Season 1, as she appreciates his leadership skills and planning and believes in him. At the end of the first season she sacrifices her poison and becomes a normal frog like Darel, though she continues to reciprocate her feelings for Darel. In season 2, she is mentioned to have accompanied Burnu on a quest to regain her poison, but lost her way in the process. She appears in Season 2, taking over the now ruined Cardigal, now possessing plant control powers. She will star in her own comic called Kulipari: Warflower.[7]
  • Wilka - The new partner of Burnu, who was sent on a mission to infiltrate the spider god's fortress. She can use her cloak to fly and uses a crossbow in battle. Her poison allows her to multiply herself into solid copies who fight as long as her poison lasts.
  • Koa - a young Kulipari frog who was raised by geckos. He was kidnapped by Darkan. He is said to be the most powerful Kulipari of the era. He can summon a digeridoo, playing it to commune with the Dream World, and manipulate water to conjure storms, call down lightning bolts, and make exploding pufferfish fall from the sky. He also gains incredible strenght. However, during his sojourns in the Dream World, he is tempted by the spirits of both Sergu and Jarrah, who try to sway him to the cause of good or evil, and even possess his body - Jarrah using this to try and kill all his friends. He eventually regains control with Darel's help, and chooses his own way.


  • Lord Marmoo - The main antagonist and Darel's nemesis. He is a ruthless scorpion who dreams of tearing down the Amphibilands and has put together a massive army to do so. He sacrifices everything and everyone to reach his goal, but he hates being the puppet of the Spider Queen. In Episode 9, Darel uses his father's dagger to mortally wound Marmoo. Jarrah heals him, as well as increases his size and strength, and later makes his armor impenetrable. However, this makes Marmoo even more of a monster, and he kills Jarrah after she is weakened. In the end, Marmoo defeats the Kulipari, regenerating from the greatest of injuries, and Darel surrenders to him. He takes over the Amphibilands but is then swept away by the water. In Season 2, we learn that he survived (resurrected and enchanted with runes by Nahradhan) and was further mutated by the nightcasting. Killara captures him and delivers him to Darkan, who imprisons him and plans to have him fight in his tournaments. He eventually regains his will to live and escapes.
  • Commander Pigo - Marmoo's younger brother and right-hand man. Although he is treated harshly by him, he is unflinchingly loyal to Marmoo and values honor greatly. However, after his injury and return as a monstrous mutant, Pigo comes to see that Marmoo has become a monster and defects to the frogs. He becomes a trusted ally and friend to Darel, and sacrifices his life to save him in Season 2.
  • Spider Queen Jarrah - The queen of the spiders. She is a powerful sorceress in command of powerful "nightcasting" magic and a former student of the Turtle King. Jarrah has formed an uneasy partnership with Lord Marmoo and his scorpion army to tear down the Veil and conquer the Amphibilands in order to draw out the Turtle King and destroy him. After she makes Marmoo stronger and hardens his armor, he immediately betrays and kills her. She reappears in the Dream World in season 2, trying to possess Koa, but being rebuffed.
  • Darkan - A giant gila lizard warlord ruling the fortress of Cardigal. He organizes fighting tournaments, and Killara owed him a debt. He has an army composed of lizards and spiders under his command. It is revealed when Ponto attacks him that he too is Kulipari. He is dethroned by an uprising Darel and Ponto instigated at the end.
  • Nahradhan - The "god" of Spiders and their strongest night-caster, whom Fahlga worked with after Season 1. He resurrected Marmoo and enchanted him with runes, revealing to Fahlga that Marmoo is one of the living Poison Scrolls of the Rainbow Serpent. He planned to collect all the scrolls (which were used in the creation of the world), and to use them to reshape the world so spiders rule it. However, Fahlga betrayed him to Burnu and helped him escape. In the ensuing battle an escaped Marmoo stings Nahradhan and Burnu slams him into the pillar holding up the fortress, causing the whole thing to collapse on him.
  • Daly- A spider nightcaster and Darkan's right-hand woman. She is powerful and bests Fahlga in a battle of spells. When Koa is freed, Daly gets obliterated by one of his exploding pufferfishes.

Other characters[edit]

  • Apari - The husband of Acala and Darrel's father. He was a Kulipari who participated in a war many years before the story's main plot. He died at some point before the series began, but the cause of his death has yet to be revealed.
  • Acala - Darel's mother and widow of Apari. She owns a shop in the Amphibilands village and is concerned about Darel's Kulipari ambitions. She is also the mother to three other children who all happen to be Kulipari.
  • Arabanoo - A red eyed tree frog, who initially thinks Darel will never become a Kulipari. He fights with Darel against the scorpions. He dies in Episode 12, killed by Lord Marmoo. Also the boyfriend of Coorah.
  • Old Jir - An elderly frog warrior living as a hermit near the village. Darel trains with him and gets most of his battle training this way - he is revealed to have been Kulipari himself, but lost his poison at his old age. He is stung by scorpions in the siege, but the Turtle King heals him before he dies. In season 2, he trains the triplets and Stinger to be the new Kulipari. While he is hard on Stinger (which the Scorpion thinks is due to hatred of his species) he actually only does it as he feels he is the most promising of his pupils. He falls ill and is revealed to have been steadily poisoned. The triplets and Stinger embark on a dangerous journey to get bunyip flower, the only antidote, and arrive just in time to save him.
  • Turtle King Sergu - A wise old turtle and practitioner of Dreamcasting magic. He raised the Veil a long time ago to protect the Amphibilands from the Spider Queen, who was once his pupil. When Jarrah breaks the Veil, he arrives to help but is stung by Marmoo and dies.
  • Yabber - A young turtle Dreamcaster who is still learning his trade and, unlike other turtles, is talkative. After the Turtle King dies, Yabber finds strength to use Dreamcasting and teleport the scorpions outside the Veil. He then becomes the Turtle King's successor.
  • Pippi - A young Platypus girl and a Stargazer who has visions that help Darel on his quest. She remains and becomes the Dreamcaster of the new settlement in Season 2.
  • Killara - A lizard mercenary leader who works for Marmoo with his people. He is only interested in money and does not much like the scorpions. While fierce in battle, he has honor, and he comes to like and respect Darel, who infiltrated his troops as a recruit. After his contract with Marmoo was fulfilled, he delivered Darel to him, but then provided him with his dagger so he could assassinate Marmoo. As it is revealed later, Darel paid him off with a pearl, appealing to his "sense of justice". In Season 2, it is revealed Killara owes an old debt to Darkan, which he pays by delivering a captured Marmoo for him. However Darkan also takes the pearl, and Killara once again allies with Darel to steal it back while making it look to Darkan that others stole it.
  • Skink - A female skink mercenary working for Killara, she and Darel fight a lot as she is quite hot-headed and easily angered, especially when Darel calls her a snake. She and Nogo are shown to be the most loyal members of Killara's team, who work for him out of loyalty, not for money. After Killara leaves her and Nogo behind, they help Ponto start a rebellion in Cardigal's prison, and the two of them ransack Drakan's treasury.
  • Nogo - A large and strong lizard mercenary. He was tasked with guarding Gee. He and Skink remain in Killara's service in Season 2 as well.
  • Lady Fahlga - A novice spider Nightcaster being taught by Jarrah, she becomes the clan's new leader after Jarrah's death. She is forced to help Marmoo but hates him for decimating her spiders. When Marmoo is seemingly killed, she abandons him. In Season 2, she lives in Cardigal and is treated as a pariah by other spiders due to her betrayal of the Spider god. She helps Darel to infiltrate the prison, in return of getting to kill Marmoo, but she is bested by Daly in nightcasting. Eventually she manages to reach Marmoo but is buried under fallen rubble. The spiders remaining in Cardigal approach her as she recovers, and she agrees to lead them, becoming their queen and planning to gather all the Poison Scrolls.
  • Xava* -An albino, mute lizard living with in the village Darel founded. He is an expert tracker and can unlock everything with his lockpicks. He accompanies Darel to Cardigal and while captured during the initial jailbreak attempt, escapes and helps him to free the slaves.
  • Caz* - An elderly scorpion and a survivor of the Amphibilands wars who cannot change his old ways, and refuses to join the new settlement with his small team, preferring to meke out an existence in the desert. After meeting Stinger, he continues to show up and offer him advice on what his people need - a strong leader - and helps him getting the medicine to save Jir. In the end after Stinger agrees to become their new Lord, he still wants to attack the frog settlement, and accidentally reveals he poisoned Jir in the first place to make the frogs suspect and banish Stinger. While Stinger thanks him for making him face his destiny, he kills him and uses his example to make it clear to the scorpions that the settlement is off limits.



Season 1: An Army of Frogs (2016)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by
11"Episode 1"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
While a young frog named Darel dreams of becoming a Kulipari warrior like his late father, Lord Marmoo of the Scorpions starts conspiring with Spider Queen Jarrah to attack the Amphibilands.
22"Episode 2"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
While training with Arabanoo the Tree Frog, Darel accidentally destroys the local market. The townspeople and the Chief ban him from training as punishment. Unfortunately for the frogs, the Scorpion King's army is crossing the Veil with the Spider Queen's magic.
33"Episode 3"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel discovers that Scorpion soldiers have broken through the Veil, and uses his Kulipari training to defend his friends and family.
44"Episode 4"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel's best friend Gee is captured by the Scorpion soldiers. Darel must use his Kulipari training to find and save his best friend, who was caught by a scorpion.
55"Episode 5"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel disguises himself as a sandpaper frog to join a group of lizard mercenaries and rescue Gee, but are the lizards able to be trusted?
66"Episode 6"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
After rescuing Gee, Darel and his friend decide to stay at the Scorpion camp and do some damage. Meanwhile, their friends and family in the Amphibilands are preparing for battle under the guidance of Old Jir.
77"Episode 7"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel and Gee finally meet the famous Kulipari and go on a journey together to find the Turtle King to save the veil.
88"Episode 8"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
The Spider Queen finally manages to break down the Veil, allowing the Scorpions to enter the Amphibilands.
99"Episode 9"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
The Kulipari (and Darel) join the villagers to fight the scorpion army and the Spider Queen's magic.
1010"Episode 10"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Though Lord Marmoo and Queen Jarrah have been temporarily defeated, Darel and the Kulipari go on a journey to find a way to prevent the scorpions from invading the Amphibilands again.
1111"Episode 11"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
The Rainbow Serpent delivers an important message to Darel, while the Spider Queen makes Lord Marmoo stronger than he's ever been before.
1212"Episode 12"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel and the Kulipari exit the Veil in search of allies who can help defend the Amphibilands from Lord Marmoo and his Scorpion Army.
1313"Episode 13"Tad StonesLee Nichols & Joel Naftali and Tad Stones
Darel leads the bruised and banished frogs and platypi through the desert, trying to find water with the Rainbow Serpent's help.

Season 2: Dream Walker (2018)[edit]

Title Directed by Written by
141"Episode 1"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
As the Kulipari thrive in their new settlement of Nova Australis, Chief Bindi of the Gecko tribe seeks Darel's help to rescue his kidnapped son.
152"Episode 2"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
While the Kulipari youth deal with a snake problem, Darel and his party descend upon Cardigal, where Darkan's guards scour the area for intruders.
163"Episode 3"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
Darel dons a disguise to rescue Ponto deep inside the dungeons of Darkan's fortress. Stinger and the triplets tend to a poisoned Jir back home.
174"Episode 4"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
As Jir's condition worsens, the Kulipari youth search for a rare flower to be used in an antidote. Lady Fahlga offers to help Darel in locating Ponto.
185"Episode 5"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
With all of Cardigal focused on the tournament, Captain Killara offers Darel and his rescue party a way to slip inside Darkan's palace undetected.
196"Episode 6"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
Per Killara's plan, Darel and party find themselves easily infiltrating the palace dungeon. But a cleverly set trap awaits their arrival.
207"Episode 7"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
The events that transpired during Darel's rescue attempt are shown from Killara's viewpoint. Lady Fahlga gets an opportunity to exact her revenge.
218"Episode 8"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
The Kulipari youth rush to deliver the antidote to Jir. Chained to each other, Marmoo and Ponto must fight together to survive the tournament.
229"Episode 9"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
Darel and Lady Fahlga hatch an escape plan, urging Ponto to persuade Killara's soldiers to convince prisoners inside Darkan's castle to revolt.
2310"Episode 10"Chuck PattonTrevor Pryce & Joshua Starnes
While Koa's body floats in a trance-like state, his mind struggles inside the dreamworld as a battle for his soul rages on between Sergu and Jarrah.





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