Kulob District

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Shuro-obod District Ноҳияи Кӯлоб
ناحیه کــولاب
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Location of Kulob District in Tajikistan.png
Shuro-obod District Ноҳияи Кӯлоб is located in Tajikistan
Shuro-obod District Ноҳияи Кӯлоб
Shuro-obod District Ноҳияи Кӯлоб
Kulob District Location in Tajikistan
Coordinates: 37°54′43″N 69°46′51″E / 37.91194°N 69.78083°E / 37.91194; 69.78083Coordinates: 37°54′43″N 69°46′51″E / 37.91194°N 69.78083°E / 37.91194; 69.78083
Country Flag of Tajikistan.svg Tajikistan
Province Khatlon
Capital Kulob
 • Land 272,9 km2 (1,054 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 89 400
 • Ethnicities Flag of Tajikistan.svgTajik
 • Languages Tajik-Persian
Area code(s) +992,3322
Website tj

Kulob District or Nohiya-i Kulob (Tajik: Ноҳияи Кӯлоб, Nohiya‘i Kûlob/Nohijaji Kūloв) is a district in Khatlon province, Tajikistan. Its capital is Kulob. The city was founded in 691 BCE.

On 10 September 2006 Kulob city celebrated its 2700th anniversary. Thousands participated in this time, even foreigners.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Kulob District is subdivided into four jamoats (municipalities).[1]

Kulob District administrative divisions
Jamoat (Municipality) Population (2008)
Kulob 11,969
Dahana 21,320
Zarbdor 16,240
Ziraki 21,522


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