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Kulturanova logo.png
Founded 2001
Type Non-governmental organization
Focus Arts & Culture
Website http://www.kulturanova.org

AAC Kulturanova (Association for Alternative Creation) is a non-government, non-profit organization aimed at popularization and affirmation of art and cultural spirit. It was founded in May 2001. in Novi Sad (the capital of Vojvodina, major region in Serbia). Organization was founded as an umbrella organization for various non-formal independent art groups, individuals and young artists from Novi Sad.[1] Kulturanova organization focuses its development on urban youth culture and raising awareness on relevant social issues, with the vision of building creative platforms for youth of Novi Sad and region.[2]


Association kulturanova formed in 1999. but it was 2001. when the organization officially registered. Basic idea behind the organization was to create an umbrella organization for all young people that were exhausted by the ongoing situation in Serbia during the 1990s.[3] The harsh period of sanctions imposed by the United Nations during the 1990s left most young artists without opportunities to show their work in cultural institutions of the time. To this day Kulturanova worked on projects in the field of arts, theatre, design, graffiti, street culture and cultural politics.[4]

Projects and Activities[edit]

Ursula Plassnik, former Foreign Minister of Austria talking at the FLOW Festival of dialogue between culture and science 2008.
Detail from the "I think river" performance in Novi Sad, 2008.

The basic categories of Kulturanova organization activities are: festivals/events (culture), lectures/conferences (human rights, youth policy) and workshops/seminars (education). Through these basic fields of work, Kulturanova tries to create more open cultural climate. It is done through promoting cultural diversity and tolerant attitude among young people. Also, organization promotes cultural rights as an integral part of human rights. Majority projects are realized through partnerships with many organizations from the region as well as from European Union. Projects developed by the Kulturanova organization during the period 2001–2010 cover the field of arts, theatre, design, graffiti, street culture and cultural politics.

  • A3.Format (2009) - A3.Format is a project that is realized through online collaborative platform, which is open for diverse interventions on so called "digital canvas", dimensions 29,7 x 42 cm. Concerning the theme, works created so far are varying from simple intimate messages to themes which are concerned with the issue of human rights, politics, cultural policies, economy, ecology, nature of art, etc.[5][6][7]
  • Quanta (2009) - "Quanta" is a performance by Italian performing artist Nhandan Chirco. It is the further step of research that started with "I think river" performance on the same concept with an international team of artists.[8]
  • FLOW (2008) - FLOW is a Festival of conversation between culture and science, organized in collaboration with Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. FLOW festival in Novi Sad was announced and open by the Austrian Minister for foreign affairs Ursula Plassnik.[9][10]
  • INTRO (2008) - Intro music fest hosted over 20 artists from Serbia and region during the April 26th and 27th, 2008.
  • Second Life (2007) - "Second life" is an international artistic project with educational dimension run by performing arts groups in collaboration with cultural institutions in Kosovo, Serbia and Slovenia.[11]
  • Urban Challenge (2007) - "Urban Challenge" was a part of a "All different all equal" Campaign of the [Council of Europe] aimed at promoting difference, tolerance and equal opportunities.
  • Urban Art Spaces (2006) - Project aimed at using non-conventional spaces for cultural activities.
  • Art and Activism Caravan (2006)[12]
  • FACE (2005)[13]
  • Campaign for Youth Cultural Centre in Novi Sad (2005)[14]



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