Kuluva Hospital

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Kuluva Hospital
Church of Uganda Medical Bureau
Location Arua, Arua District, Northern Region,  Uganda
Care system Private
Hospital type General
Beds 200
Founded 1902[1]
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Kuluva Hospital, is a private, non-profit, community hospital in Uganda. The hospital is located in the village of Kuluva, a suburb of the town of Arua, in Arua District, West Nile sub-region, in Northern Uganda. Kuluva is located about 9 kilometres (5.6 mi), by road, south of Arua's central business district, along the Arua-Pakwach Road.[2] This location lies approximately 190 kilometres (120 mi), by road, west of Gulu, the largest city in Northern Uganda.[3]


Kuluva Hospital is a non-profit, private, community hospital owned and administered by the Church of Uganda. Available literature suggests that it was founded in the early 20th century (circa 1902). A small fee is charged for medical services provided, although no one is turned away for lack of payment. In addition to serving patients from communities in the West Nile Sub-region of Uganda, a significant percentage of the hospital patients come from the neighboring countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan. The hospital has a bed capacity of 200, with several well-established departments including:[4]

  • Outpatients Department
  • Pediatrics Department
  • Internal Medicine Department
  • Surgery Department
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Department
  • Nutritional Education & Rehabilitation Department

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