Kulykove Pole

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Kulykove Pole
Куликове поле
Адміністративна споруда 01.jpg
View of Kulykove Field in September of 2013
Former name(s)Ploshchad Oktyabrskoi Revolutsii (October Revolution Square)
Namesakefamily of Kulikowski
Coordinates46°27′58″N 30°44′38″E / 46.466111°N 30.743889°E / 46.466111; 30.743889Coordinates: 46°27′58″N 30°44′38″E / 46.466111°N 30.743889°E / 46.466111; 30.743889

Kulykove Pole (literally Wader Field) is a square-garden and necropolis located in the Prymorsky raion of Odessa, in a historical centre of the city. It is located near the Odessa Station.

Over the years the square is known a place of various festivities. In times of the Russian Empire, here were taken place Easter, Christmas, military parades, celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Muscovy victory in the Battle of Poltava, the 100th Anniversary of the end of French invasion of Russia others. During the Soviet times, here took places military parades and the 1 May demonstrations. In Ukraine, Kulykove Pole is known as a place of the annual Humorina celebration on the April Fools' Day.

The etymology of the place's name is uncertain and still under discussion. One regional study specialists believe that the name derived from a family of Kulikowski who used to have their estate in this place, others are sure that it was named after the Battle of Kulikovo.

Trade Unions House fire[edit]

Kulykove Pole became famous during Euromaidan events serving as a place for Antimaidan protests, active participants of which built a tent city in the beginning of 2014 which stood until the 2 May events.

42 people died whilst trapped in the burning Trade Unions House; 32 from carbon monoxide poisoning, and 10 after leaping from windows to escape the flames.[1]


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