Kumar Anish

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Kumar Anish
Kumar Anish.jpg
Born 19 February 1965
Kannur, Kerala
Residence Bangalore
Nationality Indian
Occupation Yoga Practitioner
Spouse(s) Sheela Anish
Children Arjun & Anjali

Kumar Anish is an Indian yoga practitioner[1] who began practicing yoga in 1982.[2] He lives in Bangalore, India. He is the Chief Operating Officer of the Sikshana Foundation[clarification needed][3] and founder of the GiveG Foundation.[clarification needed][4] He has taught yoga and personality development in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.[5]

Career in Yoga[edit]

He developed the concept of Gravitational Overhaul Principles of Invigoration, known as the GOPI Formula[clarification needed].[2][5][6] He is the author of the book GOPI Formula, launched[when?] in Oxford Bookstore, Leela Galleria.[2][7][8]


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