Kumar Mahadeva

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Kumar Mahadeva
Alma materHarvard Business School, 1978[1]
OccupationEx CEO of Cognizant

Wijeyaraj Kumar Mahadeva (Tamil: குமார் மகாதேவா) is the Sri Lankan American founder, and original chairman and chief executive officer of, Cognizant Technology Solutions.[2] He was the CEO of Cognizant from 1994 to 2003[3] and was succeeded by Lakshmi Narayanan. Kumar has held senior positions at the BBC, McKinsey, AT&T, and Dun & Bradstreet.[4] He is a member of the Sri Lankan Tamil Ponnambalam-Coomaraswamy family; the son of Deshamanya Baku Mahadeva, an eminent Sri Lankan civil servant who served as chairman of various banks, companies, commissions and boards.

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