Kumaragupta III

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Kumaragupta III
13th Gupta emperor
Reign c. 530 – c. 540 CE
Predecessor Narasimhagupta
Successor Vishnugupta
Dynasty Gupta
Father Narasimhagupta
Mother Shrimitradevi
Religion Hinduism

Kumaragupta III was a later Gupta Emperor. He succeeded his father Narasimhagupta in about 530 CE.

His silver-copper seal was discovered in Bhitari (Ghazipur district, Uttar Pradesh) in 1889, which mentions the names of his father Narasimhagupta and grandfather Purugupta.[1][2] A clay sealing of him was discovered from Nalanda, which also mentioned about his father and grandfather.

Nalanda clay seal of Kumaragupta III mentions Purugupta as Kumaragupta I's son from his queen Anantadevi.

The Gupta Empire declined during his rule and the later kings. He was succeeded by his son Vishnugupta.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Gupta Emperor
530 – 540
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