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Kumarian Press
Parent company Lynne Rienner Publishers
Founded 1977
Founder Krishna Kumari Sondhi and Ian Mayo-Smith
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Boulder, Colorado
Publication types Books
Official website www.rienner.com

Kumarian Press is an independent academic publishing company established in 1977 in West Hartford, CT by Krishna Kumari Sondhi and Ian Mayo-Smith. The company was named after the founders (Sondhi's middle name and Mayo Smith's first name combined). The company began publishing titles on management for training programs in international development, some of them written by the founders.[1] International development remains the core of the publishing program but has expanded over the years to include books on human rights, civil society, peacebuilding, governance, gender studies, microfinance and international health. It also distributes titles for Oxfam Great Britain,[2] International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies[3] and The United Nations Development Fund for Women.[4] Kumarian was sold in April 2008 to Stylus Publishing and was an imprint of Stylus, located in Sterling, VA. In April 2013 Kumarian was sold to Lynne Rienner Publishers of Boulder, CO and remains an imprint of that company. [5][6]

Authors include Hazel Henderson, Jude Howell, David Hulme, David Korten, Joanna Macy, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Lester Salamon, Ian Smillie, and Peter Uvin, whose book Aiding Violence discusses the development enterprise in Rwanda.

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