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Kanva Pura
Lake Temple, Kumbla
Lake Temple, Kumbla
Coordinates: 12°35′7″N 74°57′19″E / 12.58528°N 74.95528°E / 12.58528; 74.95528Coordinates: 12°35′7″N 74°57′19″E / 12.58528°N 74.95528°E / 12.58528; 74.95528
Country India
State Kerala
District Kasargod
 • Body Panchayat
 • Total 40.18 km2 (15.51 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 46,691
 • Density 1,200/km2 (3,000/sq mi)
 • Official Malayalam, Tulu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 671321
Telephone code 4998
Vehicle registration KL-14
Nearest city Mangaluru
Lok Sabha constituency Kasaragod
Civic agency Panchayat

Kumbla locally spelled as Kumble or Kumbala is a small town located 11 km north of Kasaragod town and 12 km south of Uppala in Kasaragod District, Kerala.


Kumbla is located at the mouth of a lagoon formed by the Shiriya river.


The original name Kanipura is derived from the name of Maharshi Kanva. Hence the name Kanvapura later on morphed in to Kanipura by word of mouth. The historic and ancient temple of Gopalakrishna in Kumble was believed to have been conceived by Kanva Maharshi. Kumbla was once the seat of the Kumbla Kings[1] l, who ruled the southern part of Tuluva Kingdom. It was a small port in ancient times. In the 16th century A.D. (1514), Duarte Barbosa, the Portuguese traveller, visited Kumble and he had recorded that he had found people exporting rice to the Maldives in exchange of coir[2] When Tippu Sultan captured Mangaluru, the Kumble Raja fled to Thalassery; but he returned in 1799 and after an unsuccessful fight for independence, submitted to the British Empire and accepted a small pension of Rs. 11,788 per annum in 1804.[2] Parthisubba, the great Yakshagana exponent, known as Father of Yakshagana was born here in the 18th century.[2]


Maippady Palace, Kumbla

A few renowned shrines in Kumbla are:

  • Sri Parthasarathi Temple, Mujungavu.
  • Ananthapuram Lake Temple, the only lake temple of Kerala, believed to be the Moola Sthaana or origin of the well-known Padmanabhaswamy temple of Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Arikkady Hanuman Mandira, which lies on the foot of Kumble Fort,[3] which was built by the Keladi Nayakas who built Bekal Fort.
  • Kana Dhumavathi Daivasthana (Kana Matha), which is one of the revered worshiping place for Havyaka Brahmin community. Dhumavathi Daiva is said to be brought from Ulalu Boodu (a place near to Kumble town) of Kadamannaya family.
  • Sri Bhagavathi Ali Chamundi keshthra, Arikady, Parasthna kumbla .The Tayyam kshetra is worshiped by Hindus and Muslims together which sites the great example of Unity in Diversity by both dominant religions of India.
  • " Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple , in Arikady East, owned by Devapoojithaya Family since more than 300 years . The temple is having a Hanuman pillar in which lord hanuman appeared before Devapoojithay's in 1875 A.D and disappeared on the left pillar of the temple. The temple is very famous for "KARYASIDDHI" yajna performed by Devapoojithay Family, who are revered as the royal priests of Kumbale Raja Jayasimha. Several big Celebes's across India visits the place for worship abd Yajna.
  • Sri Gopalakrishna Temple,situated at the heart of the town. This is one of the most revered as well as ancient temples in this area. It was one of four temples administered by the Maipady (nearby) king. The other temples are Madhuru Sri Madananteshwara Siddhi Vinayaka temple, Sri Parthasarathy Temple-Mujungavu and Sri Aduru Mahalingeshwara Kshetra.
  • Shedikkavu Shiva Temple, situated on a hill opposite to the Sri Gopalakrishna Temple. It is said that Parthisubba wrote many of his Yakshagana songs at this temple.
  • Gadde Mutt, one of the oldest temples in the town of Kumbla. This temple is surrounded on all the sides by paddy fields (called "gadde" in Kannada) hence the name Gadde Mutt. It is a temple belonging to Nayak family of Kumble. It has a history of over two and a half centuries. It also has the Nagadevatha Gudi. It is one of the many GSB community temples in the town of Kumble.
  1. bhakata's (a surname of gsb community) are very famous since four hundred years they residing in kumbala .they have a palace at madimogaru then migrated to Mali .in 1800 they moved to the bank of kumble river near to Gopalakrishna temple. They have their family deity santahanagopalakrishna temple it is also near to kumbla river. A well known yearly celebration is its annual festival Kumble Jaathre or Bedi Utsava, celebrated in and around the Sri Gopalakrishna Temple that includes well over a week full of prayers, art, music, food, colorful display of artifacts, yard sales and then climaxes with spectacular 'Bedi' or fireworks.

Notable people[edit]

Anil Kumble, former captain and the current coach of Indian national cricket team takes his last name, indicating ancestry or family origins, from this town. Recently one of the Main Road to Govt Hospital was renamed as ANIL KUMBLE Road by cricketer Kumble himself in a recent function conducted by Kumble Panchayat.[4][5]


  • Kumbla is situated on National Highway 66. There are frequent State-owned bus services ( both by Karnataka & Kerala ) that connect Kumbla to Kasaragod and Mangaluru
  • Indian Railways passes through Kumbla and does have a small train station, connecting the town to the Malabar region in Kerala and to nearest big city Mangaluru (Mangalore). As of now, 14 trains[6] including 8 express trains and 6 local trains stop in Kumble.
  • The nearest airport is in Mangaluru. The old name of the airport Bajpe. Mangaluru, approximately about 45 Kilometers (30 Miles) from Kumbla, connected through local taxies and buses.
  • To the east, a local road, winds through Ananthapuram, Neerchal, Badiyadka all the way up to Puttur and beyond.

Educational Institutions[edit]

There are many Govt. and non-Govt. educational institutions situated in Kumbla.

  • Govt.Senior Basic School, an upper primary school situated near the heart of Kumbla Town.Over a century old, and has a number of experienced hands in teaching.
  • Govt.Higher Secondary School, situated near Kumbla Police Station, the only Govt. Higher Secondary in Kumbla.
  • College of Applied Science Manjeshwer, an Institute managed by IHRD Kerala.Offering Under Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees in Computer Science and Electronics.
  • Holy Family Aided Senior Basic School is situated at Badiadka Road, which celebrated its 75 years (Diamond Jubilee) in 2010.
  • Khansa Women's College for Advanced Studies, Situated in Kumbla
  • Essa English Secondary School,Pervad, Kumbla

Suburbs of Kumbla[edit]

  • Mogral, Chowki and Eriyal
  • Arikkady, Olayam and Muttam
  • Bandiyod, uppala and Kaikamba
  • Hosangadi

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