Kume Island

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For the administrative unit, see Kumejima, Okinawa.
Kume Island
Native name: クミジマ(Kumijima)
Kumejima Island 2009
Location Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 26°20′28″N 126°48′18″E / 26.34111°N 126.80500°E / 26.34111; 126.80500Coordinates: 26°20′28″N 126°48′18″E / 26.34111°N 126.80500°E / 26.34111; 126.80500
Archipelago Okinawa Islands
Prefecture Okinawa Prefecture

Kume Island[1] (久米島 Kumejima?, Okinawan: クミジマ Kumijima) is an island, part of the Okinawa Islands and administratively part of the town of Kumejima, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It has an area of 59.11 square kilometres (636,300,000 sq ft).[2] The island had a population of 8,713 (2010).

Kume Island is a volcanic island. Its principal economic activities are the production of sugarcane and tourism.[3]


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