Kunětice Mountain

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Kunětice Mountain with the Castle
Map of the Czech Republic highlighting Kunětice Mountain

Kunětice Mountain (Kunětická hora in Czech) is a mountain in the Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic, about 6 km north-northeast from the city of Pardubice.

Kunětice Mountain sits in a plain, above which it rises 82 meters (305 m above sea level). Geologically, the mountain is a laccolith, dating from the Cenozoic era. Toward the end of the 19th century, the slopes of the mountain were used as a quarry, at such a pace that the mountain was in danger of disappearing.

The mountain is best known for Kunětice Mountain Castle, a castle at its summit. Below the mountain lies the village of Kunětice. A modern water reservoir has been built inside the top part of the mountain.

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Coordinates: 50°04′48″N 15°48′46″E / 50.08000°N 15.81278°E / 50.08000; 15.81278