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District and Town
A roundabout in Kunak
A roundabout in Kunak
Official seal of Kunak
Location of Kunak
Kunak is located in Borneo Topography
Coordinates: 4°41′0″N 118°15′0″E / 4.68333°N 118.25000°E / 4.68333; 118.25000
Country  Malaysia
State  Sabah
Division Tawau
 • District Officer Susilo Sumarto
Population (2010)
 • Total 61,094
Website www.sabah.gov.my/md.kunak www.sabah.gov.my/pd.knk

Kunak is a small town in Tawau Division, Sabah, Malaysia. It was formerly a sub-district administered under the Lahad Datu District Office, but was made into full district on 1 June 1981.

Its population was estimated at 61,094 in 2010.[1] The population consists mainly of Bajau and Bugis people.

One of the old shoplots in Kunak.
Sime Darby palm oil storage tanks in Kunak.

There is also a sizeable Chinese minority, involved in running many of the shops in downtown Kunak as well as the planting of oil palms in the outskirts.

Kunak has three main secondary schools: SMK Kunak Jaya, SMK Kunak and SMK Madai. It is also home to a Chinese primary school, SRJK(C) Pai Sheng, and a several Malay-medium primary schools including SK Kunak 1, SK Kunak Jaya and SK Ladang Binuang.

A resettlement scheme for Cocos Islanders is situated a few kilometres away, near the Giram Oil Palm Estate (run by Sime Darby Berhad).

A jetty is situated about five km from the town, in an area named Pengkalan Kunak. A single road lined by wooden shophouses (possibly a squatter colony) leads to the jetty and wet market.

In 2002, a 76-bed government hospital was built in the town. At around the same time, a new highway linking Kunak to the town of Semporna was also opened.


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Coordinates: 4°41′N 118°15′E / 4.683°N 118.250°E / 4.683; 118.250