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Kundali Bhagya

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Kundali Bhagya
Kundali Bhagya.jpeg
Created byEkta Kapoor
Developed byEkta Kapoor
Written byAnil Nagpal
Leena Gangopadhyay
Screenplay by
  • Anil Nagpal, Mrinal Tripathi
Story by
  • Kavita Nagpal
  • Anil Nagpal
Directed bySameer Kulkarni
Abhishek Kumar. R. Paul
Aman Varpe
Creative directorsChloe Ferns Qureshi
Mukta Dhond
StarringShraddha Arya
Dheeraj Dhoopar
Ruhi Chaturvedi
Sanjay Gagnani
Theme music composerLalit Sen
Ashish Rego
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes1194
ProducersEkta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
EditorsVishal Sharma
Vikas Sharma
Sandip Bhatt
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22-23 minutes
Production companyBalaji Telefilms Limited
Original networkZee TV
Picture format576i
Original release12 July 2017 (2017-07-12) –
present (present)
Related showsKumkum Bhagya
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Kundali Bhagya (transl.The Fate of Our Horoscope) is an Indian Hindi-language romantic drama television series created by Ekta Kapoor. It premiered on 12 July 2017 on Zee TV. A spin-off series of Kumkum Bhagya, it stars Shraddha Arya, Dheeraj Dhoopar, Ruhi Chaturvedi, Sanjay Gagnani, Anjum Fakih, Abhishek Kapur, Manit Joura and Supriya Shukla.


Arora sisters Preeta and Srishti leave their hometown Nasik after the death of their father, Raghuveer Arora, who before dying asked his daughters to go to Mumbai and reunite with their mother, Sarla. In the past, Raghuveer and Sarla separated, Sarla took charge of Pragya and Bulbul while Raghuveer took Preeta and Srishti with him.

Preeta meets the Luthra family and becomes a physiotherapist to their matriarch, Bani Luthra whose younger grandson Karan, a popular cricket star, shares an adversarial relationship with her while the elder grandson Rishabh, a successful business tycoon, shares a rather cordial relationship with her and slowly develops one-sided feelings for her.

After Rishabh and Sherlyn get engaged, Preeta realizes Sherlyn isn't the girl everyone thinks. She discovers that Sherlyn has a boyfriend and confides her doubts to Karan. Karan and Preeta join forces to save Rishabh from Sherlyn and their alliance slowly blossoms into friendship and then love. In the meantime, Preeta's engagement is fixed with Sherlyn's boyfriend, Prithvi Malhotra. Karan and Rishabh are both uneasy with Prithvi and soon realize that he isn't right for her. Karan and Preeta at the same time repeatedly attempt to expose Sherlyn while Karan and Rishabh try to convince Preeta and her family about Prithvi.

Despite all the efforts by Preeta to stop Rishabh and Sherlyn's wedding, they marry and a fuming Karan vows to take revenge on Preeta for ruining his brother's life. A few weeks later at Preeta's wedding with Prithvi, Karan orchestrates a groom swap and marries her without her knowledge. He convinces her and her family that he married Preeta out of love when it was all for revenge. That same night after their wedding, a hurt and angry Karan confronts Preeta confessing how much he hates her and leaves her on the road in the middle of the night. Later Karan reveals to his family that he married Preeta for revenge.

Karan's childhood friend Mahira Khanna arrives at the Luthra house since she is studying in the area. It is then shown that she has always loved Karan and wants to marry him. The Luthra family convince Karan to get engaged to Mahira. On Karan's wedding day, Preeta overhears Sherlyn and Mahira planning to kill Mahesh after the wedding as he knows their truth. She takes the same step as Karan and orchestrates a bride swap and marries Karan for a second time. Luthras are then angry and drag her out of the house. A stronger Preeta returns with a women's rights NGO and police, who side with Preeta and push the Luthras to accept her. Karan finally accepts Preeta as his wife. Gradually, they again develop feelings and trust for each other.

Akshay decides to marry Kritika for the sake of money for his failing business. Preeta suspects Akshay and plans to break the marriage, but in turn of events, Akshay cancels his marriage with Kritika and the Luthra family believes Preeta to be responsible. Kritika leaves the house. Later, Prithvi reaches the Luthra house with Kritika expressing her as his bride. Sherlyn breaks down learning the fact that Prithvi married Kritika, but he consoles Sherlyn by telling her that he just came to the Luthra house to destroy them. During all this drama, Akshay blackmails Kritika for some money in exchange for the intimate pics he gets off them. Preeta helps Kritika, however, during a struggle Akshay falls unconscious. The police arrest Preeta believing she killed Akshay. After much effort to prove Preeta innocent, Karan decides to take the blame and is arrested. The real killer is revealed to be Sherlyn. The judge releases Karan from jail as all allegations against him are proven false, however Sherlyn is still not found guilty and is not caught.

Sherlyn and Mahira decide to kill Preeta via a road accident through truck. However, Mahira mistakenly pushes a pregnant Sherlyn instead of Preeta onto the road and Sherlyn becomes the victim of that road accident. Doctors are able to save Sherlyn but the baby is aborted. Luthras, on learning the truth, expel Mahira from the house. A few days later, Kritika and Prithvi get married.

3 months later

The family rejoices upon learning that Preeta is expecting twins. Then Karan's college friend Sonakshi arrives to invite Luthra's for her wedding in Lonavala and Preeta visits the hospital but ends up finding out that she is not pregnant and is infertile. A heartbroken Preeta decides to hide the truth till Sonakshi's wedding ends. Preeta confesses to Karan that she isn't pregnant and can never conceive, which leaves Karan shocked and traumatized but he still supports and consoles Preeta. Sonakshi overhears their conversation, she assures them she'll not tell the truth to anyone and later takes them to a skilled gynaecologist who assures Preeta that there are chances of her conceiving and asks Preeta to start with the treatment after Sonakshi's wedding is over. As Sonakshi's wedding rituals commence, Rajat (Sonakshi's fiancé), breaks the wedding just a moment before filling her hairline. Rajat's uncle shows proof of Sonakshi delivering a daughter a few years earlier. Later Sonakshi confesses that Karan is the father of her child and reveals even more. Years earlier, while they were intoxicated after a party, Karan impregnated Sonakshi. While Karan forgot this, Sonakshi remembered. Sonakshi's father exclaims that the baby died soon after birth. After the family reaches Mumbai, Karan and Preeta resolve the situation and reconcile.

After knowing the truth that Preeta isn't pregnant, Kareena asks Preeta and Karan to adopt a child, to which they agree. They adopt a girl named Pihu. The next day, Sonakshi returns to the Luthra house and says she wants to meet her child who is in the Luthra house. Everyone learns that Pihu is Karan and Sonakshi's daughter. She was alive and was brought to an orphanage by Sonakshi's father, who had been lying to Sonakshi. The Luthra family allow her in the house due to her medical illness. Later Sonakshi and Sherlyn collaborate to spoil Preeta's life.

Rishabh is been told by Preeta that Sherlyn and Prithvi are having an extramarital affair. He confronts them and asks them to reveal the truth where they both deny the allegations on them. The next morning Rishabh finds Sherlyn's earring in Prithvi's blazer and confronts Sherlyn. Rishabh decides to end his relation with Sherlyn. Rishabh goes outside and gets drunk at a restaurant. He returns next morning and police suddenly arrives and arrests Rishabh for attempt to murder. Preeta, Karan, Srishti and Sameer team up to prove Rishabh innocent. Sandeep, who charged allegations on Rishabh for attempt of murder now collaborates with Prithvi to destroy Rishabh. Soon Preeta learns the truth and tries to convince Sandeep to utter the truth in court. Sandeep learns that Prithvi is just using him and won't give money in terms of consideration and then he agrees to speak the truth in court. Prithvi tries to kill Sandeep but fails and is exposed to the entire Luthra family. Prithvi is arrested for cheating and attempt to murder case. Prithvi now hates Preeta and wants to take a revenge from her in near future. Rishabh is proven innocent and is back home on Diwali.

Sonakshi again plots against Preeta and Pihu is hurt due to her planning but everyone, except Karan, blame Preeta for being irresponsible towards Pihu. Sonakshi reveals to Sherlyn that she gave fake reports to Preeta and made her realise that it is not possible for her to conceive. She always knew that Preeta could conceive so she decided to stay in the Luthra house so that she could give Preeta the medicine which will unknowingly stop Preeta from conceiving. Rishabh ends his relation with Sherlyn and leaves the house without his family knowing the truth. The next day, Sonakshi plans a trap for Preeta and Luthra family. She kidnaps Pihu through her personal hired goons and instigates all the family members against Preeta. Preeta somehow manages to save Pihu and takes her to a hospital where she gets to know from a doctor that Pihu is an orphan child whose mother died while giving birth to her. Preeta is shocked to know that Sonakshi was lying all along, and that Pihu is not Karan and Sonakshi's real daughter. Sonakshi hires a goon to kill Preeta and Pihu. He creates an accident, in which Pihu dies, and the entire Luthra family members blame Preeta for it and she is thrown out of house. Later, Sonakshi is kicked out of the house by Karan for forcing him to marry her. Preeta leaves for Bangalore with her grandmother.

2 years later

Preeta comes back home and starts working as a physiotherapist at a clinic and soon learns about what happened in the past two years in Mumbai. Prithvi, who was released from the jail has captured the Luthras' property and business, and Mahesh is suffering from mental illness. Now, Preeta is all set to oust Prithvi from the house and business, and decides to play a negative character in front of the Luthras.



  • Shraddha Arya as Dr. Preeta Karan Luthra (née Arora): Sarla and Raghuveer's daughter; Pragya's younger sister, Bulbul and Srishti's elder sister; Karan's wife; Pihu's adoptive mother (2017–present)
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar as Karan Luthra: Rakhi and Mahesh's younger son; Rishabh's younger and Ruchika's elder brother; Kritika and Sameer's cousin; Preeta's husband; Pihu's adoptive father (2017–present)
  • Ruhi Chaturvedi as Sherlyn Luthra (née Khurana): Sanjana's daughter; Prithvi's girlfriend; Rishabh's wife (2017–present)
  • Sanjay Gagnani as Prithvi Malhotra: Pawan's brother; Sherlyn's boyfriend; Kritika's husband; Preeta's ex-fiancé (2017–present)


  • Anjum Fakih as Srishti Arora: Sarla and Raghuveer's daughter; Pragya, Preeta and Bulbul's youngest sister; Sameer's love interest (2017–present)
  • Abhishek Kapur as Sameer Luthra: Rishabh, Karan, Ruchika and Kritika's cousin; Srishti's love interest (2017–present)
  • Manit Joura as Rishabh Luthra: Rakhi and Mahesh's elder son; Karan and Ruchika's elder brother; Sameer and Kritika's cousin; Sherlyn's husband (2017–2021)
  • Supriya Shukla as Sarla Arora: Raghuveer's wife; Pragya, Preeta, Bulbul and Srishti's mother; Kiara, Prachi, Rhea and Pihu's grandmother (2017–2022)
  • Twinkle R Vashisht as Kritika Malhotra (née Luthra): Kareena's daughter; Rishabh, Karan, Ruchika and Sameer's cousin; Prithvi's wife; Akshay's ex-fiancée (2017–present)
  • Anisha Hinduja as Rakhi Luthra: Mahesh's wife; Rishabh, Karan and Ruchika's mother; Pihu's grandmother (2017–present)
  • Madhu Raja as Daljeet Arora: Matriarch of the Arora family; Raghuveer's mother (2017–present)
  • Jasjeet Babbar/ Mehnaaz Shroff as Janki: The Aroras' handmaiden; Poorvi's mother (2017–2021)/(2021–present)
  • Neelam Mehra as Bani Luthra: Matriarch of the Luthra family; Mahesh, Suresh, and Kareena's mother (2017–present)
  • Naveen Saini as Mahesh Luthra: Bani's son; Rakhi's husband; Karan, Rishabh and Ruchika's father; Pihu's grandfather; Suresh and Kareena's brother (2017–present)
  • Pyumori Mehta Ghosh/Usha Bachani as Kareena Luthra: Mahesh and Suresh's sister; Kritika's mother (2017)/(2017–present)
  • Sanjana Phadke as Sanjana Khurana: Sherlyn's mother (2017–present)
  • Rishika Nag as Natasha Khurana: Sherlyn's fake younger sister (2021–present)
  • Vipin Sharma as Nagre: Prithvi's advocate (2022–present)
  • Swarna Pandey as Pihu Luthra: Karan and Preeta's adopted daughter (2021) (Dead)
  • Mansi Srivastava as Sonakshi Raichand: Karan's college friend and one-sided lover (2021)
  • Hemant Choudhary as Yashvardhan Raichand: Sonakshi's father (2021)
  • Giriraj Kabra as Rajat Bedi: Sonakshi's fiancé (2021)
  • Mrinal Singh Lal as Ruchika Luthra: Mahesh and Rakhi's daughter; Rishabh and Karan's younger sister, Sameer and Kritika's cousin (2017)
  • Swati Kapoor as Mahira Khanna: Karan's obsessive one-sided lover and ex-fiancée; Ramona's daughter (2019–2021)
  • Kasturi Banerjee/Geetanjali Mishra as Ramona Khanna: Mahira's mother (2020–2021)
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as Suresh Luthra: Pammi's husband; Mahesh and Kareena's brother (2021)
  • Shravani Goswami as Parminder "Pammi" Luthra: Suresh's wife (2021)
  • Trupti Mishra as Dr. Deepali (2021)
  • Ankit Gupta as Pawan Malhotra: Prithvi's younger brother (2020–2021)
  • Ashish Mehrotra/Mukul Harish/Naveen Sharma as Akshay Ahuja: Ruchika's boyfriend; Megha's husband; Kritika's ex-fiancé (2017)/(2018)/(2021)
  • Priyanka Zemse as Ruchika: Akshay's girlfriend (2021)
  • Ruchita Anchor as Megha Ahuja: Akshay's wife (2021)
  • Girish Thapar as Mr. Ahuja: Akshay's father (2017–2018/2021)
  • Parveen Kaur as Mrs. Ahuja: Akshay's mother (2017–2018/2021)
  • Akshay Raj Jawrani as Shiv: Karan's friend; Preeta's one-sided lover (2019)
  • Mahira Sharma as Monisha Sharma: Karan's former fiancé (2018–2019)
  • Mandeep Bamra as Vicky (2019)
  • Isha Anand Sharma as Tapsee: Prithvi's former girlfriend (2018)
  • Roma Arora as Sofia: Karan's former girlfriend (2017–2018)
  • Shyn Khurana as Malishka: Karan's former girlfriend (2017)
  • Vijay Kashyap as Raghuveer Arora: Daljeet's son; Sarla's husband; Pragya, Preeta, Bulbul and Srishti's father; Kiara, Prachi, Rhea and Pihu's grandfather (2017) (Dead)
  • Sahil Phull as Deepak: Preeta's former fiancé (2017)


Actor Day
Varun Dhawan Ganesh Utsav Pooja, 2018
Ravi Dubey
Vivek Dahiya
Arjun Bijlani
Sheen Dass
Akshay Mhatre
Pranav Mishra
Jyoti Sharma
Disha Parmar
Krip Suri
Yesha Rughani
Divyanka Tripathi
Dipika Kakar
Sanjeeda Sheikh
Gauahar Khan
Siddharth Nigam
Samiksha Jaiswal
Karan Vohra
Arjit Taneja
Aditi Sharma
Silambarasan Ganesh Utsav Pooja, 2019
Katrina Kaif
Isha Talwar
Nithya Menen
Shwetha Bandekar
Rakul Preet Singh
Naga Chaitanya
Akhil Akkineni
Sunidhi Chauhan
V. V. Vinayak
Lollu Sabha Jeeva
Ram Kapoor
Sundar C
Ankita Lokhande Ganesh Utsav Pooja, 2021
Shaheer Sheikh
Aishwarya Khare
Rohit Suchanti
Shabbir Ahluwalia
Sriti Jha
Mugdha Chaphekar
Krishna Kaul
Adhvik Mahajan
Amandeep Sidhu
Vrushika Mehta


Talking about introducing a spinoff of a popular show on a primetime, Deepak Rajadhyaksha, the Deputy Business Head of Zee TV, says, "Zee TV has always strived to experiment with formats and bring its viewers unique and fresh content. After the success of Kasamh Se, Pavitra Rishta, Jodha Akbar, Kumkum Bhagya and Brahmarakshas, we are extremely happy to associate yet again with Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms to bring an innovative narrative Kundali Bhagya. It introduces a new set of characters in an all-new world and will replace our hit primetime show, Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, which was not only a strong differentiator but met with an overwhelming response and has had a glorious run of two years."[1]

On this, Kapoor said, "Over the last two decades, Balaji Telefilms in collaboration with Zee TV has created some great content. With our new show, Kundali Bhagya, we present a first-of-its-kind concept, an all-new interesting and engrossing show that emerges from the sub-plots of an already existing show. We will introduce Pragya's sisters Preeta and Shrishti and the Luthra brothers Karan and Rishabh. We’re hopeful that the audience will fall in love with each of these endearing characters as we have gone through hundreds of auditions before locking the impressive young talent. The writing for this show is extremely strong in terms of characterisation and the engaging screenplay should leave audiences hooked at the end of every episode."[1]

The production and airing of the show was halted indefinitely in late March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2] Because of the outbreak, the filming of television series and films was halted on 19 March 2020 and expected to resume on 1 April 2020 but could not and the series was last broadcast on 24 March 2020 when the remaining episodes were aired.[3][4][5] After three months, the production and filming of the series resumed on 29 June 2020 and broadcast to resume from 13 July 2020.[6][7][8]



In its debut week, it was the fourth-most-watched television show in the twenty eighth week (8–14 July) of 2017 in Hindi GEC 5.796 urban and 4.064 rural million impressions.[9] In the thirty-second week of 2017 (5–11 August), the soap opera became the second most-watched Hindi GEC with 10.498 million impressions.[10] In week 33 (12–19 August) 2017, the soap opera saw a dip in the ratings thereby recording 10.097 million impressions but still was the third most-watched.[11] In week 34, 2017 the soap opera further fell to 9.691 million impressions being fifth most watched show during the week.[12] In Week 37, 2017 (9–15 September), the soap opera showed a jump in ratings and recorded, 10.940 million impressions; thereby becoming the second most-watched Hindi GEC for the week, the first being its sister show Kumkum Bhagya.[13] In week 40, 2017 (30 September – 6 October), the soap opera recorded 11.216 million impressions and continued to be the second most watched show.[14] In first week of October 2017, it was at second position with 11.27 million impressions while the following two weeks it topped with 11.63 and 11.60 million impressions.[15]

In November, Kundali Bhagya took the top spot and maintained it in November and December 2017. The show topped TRP charts in January 2018 with a staggering 7.889 million viewership in urban markets and 12.5 million viewership in all India. Due to continuous increases in ratings and topping the charts, the show became the biggest weekday launch since 2017 by Balaji Telefilms.[16]

After topping the charts continuously for six months with minor exceptions wherein the show was among the top three most-watched shows; its first spot was taken by Colors' Naagin (season 2).[17]

In week 51 of 2018 it was at third position with 11.4 million impressions in Hindi GEC.[18]

In week 18 of 2019, it was at second position with 10.048 million impressions.[19] In week 21 of 2019, it was at third position in overall Hindi GEC with 11.523 million impressions.[20] In week 22 of 2019, the show topped the ratings charts with 7.122 million impressions in urban ratings and 5.306 million rural.[21] It was beaten in urban ratings by Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai since week 28 of 2018 pushing Kundali Bhagya to second place.[22] However, it took back its first place in week 38 of 2019, pushing Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai to second position.[23][24]

The series became the most watched when it resumed after three months after the COVID-19 break garnering 5.509 million impressions in Hindi GEC urban.[25] In last two weeks of July 2020 it maintained its top position in Hindi GEC with 13.3 and 12.4 million impressions.[26] In week 36, it maintained its top position with 12.853 million impressions while in week 42 of 2020, it still maintained its top position with 12.026 million impressions.[27][28] During week 52 of 2020, in urban it dropped to third position with 7.471 million impressions while it maintained its top position in Hindi GEC overall with 12.411 million impressions.[29]

In second week of 2021, it further dropped in urban to fourth position garnering 6.849 million impressions while it dropped to third position overall.[30][31] In fourth week, it maintained its third position overall with 11.13 million impressions.[32] The following week it dropped to fifth and fourth positions in urban and overall with 6.647 and 10.989 million impressions.[33][34] In its sixth week, it rose to 7.220 in urban occupying fourth position and at second position overall with 12.017 million impressions while the following week it maintained its urban position while dropping overall with 6.684 and 10.683 million impressions.[35][36] In week 10, it was at fifth and fourth position in urban and overall with 6.516 and 10.403 million impressions.[37][38] The following week it jumped to second position in urban and overall at the top with 7.285 and 11.754 million impressions.[39][40] The following week it dropped to fourth positions in both urban and overall with 6.588 and 10.681 million impressions.[41][42] In week 13, it garnered 10.651 million impressions overall with second position overall while dropping out of the top 5 in urban.[43][44] The following week it garnered 11.319 occupying third position.[45][46]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result Reference
2018 Gold Awards Best Actress (Popular) Shraddha Arya Won [47]
Best Actress in Supporting Role (Popular) Anjum Fakih
Best Actor in Supporting Role (Popular) Manit Joura
Best Actress in Negative Role (Popular) Ruhi Chaturvedi Nominated [48]
Best Actor in Negative Role (Popular) Sanjay Gagnani
Best Actor (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar
Best Television Show (Popular) Ekta Kapoor
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actress In A Negative Role Ruhi Chaturvedi Nominated [49]
Best Actor In A Negative Role Sanjay Gagnani
2019 Indian Telly Awards Best Daily Series (Popular) Ekta Kapoor Nominated [50]
Best Jodi (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar & Shraddha Arya
Best Actor In Lead Role Female (Popular) Shraddha Arya
Best Actor in Supporting Role Male (Popular) Manit Joura
Best Actor in Supporting Role Female (Popular) Anjum Fakih
Best Actor in Negative Role Male (Popular) Sanjay Gagnani
Best Actor in Negative Role Female (Popular) Ruhi Chaturvedi
Gold Awards Best Actress Female (Popular) Shraddha Arya Won [51]
Best Actor Male (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar Won
Best Onscreen Jodi (Popular) Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar Nominated
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female) Anjum Fakih Nominated
Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male) Manit Joura Nominated
Best Actor in Negative Role Male (Popular) Sanjay Gagnani Nominated
Best Actor in Negative Role Male (Critics) Won
Best Actress in Negative Role Female (Popular) Ruhi Chaturvedi Nominated
Best TV Show (Popular) Ekta Kapoor Won
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar Won [52][53]
Best Show (Popular) Ekta Kapoor
Best Actress (Popular) Shraddha Arya Nominated
2022 Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor in Lead Role (Popular) Dheeraj Dhoopar Pending [54]
Best Actress in Lead Role (Popular) Shraddha Arya
Best Television Show - Fiction (Popular) Ekta Kapoor


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