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Kung Fu master or Kung Fu Master may refer to:

  • Shifu, a Chinese title meaning "master" that is most often used in English to address a teacher of Chinese martial arts

Film and television[edit]

  • Kung Fu Master (film), a 1988 French drama film directed by Agnès Varda
  • The Kung Fu Master (TV series), a 1994 Hong Kong martial arts television series directed by Benny Chan and starring Donnie Yen
  • The Kung Fu Master, a 2020 Indian Malayalam-language martial arts film written and directed by Abrid Shine and produced by Shibu Thekkumpuram
  • Kung Fu Master, a 2005 film directed and produced by Gordon Chan

Video games[edit]

See also[edit]

  • Kung Fu Cult Master, a 1993 Hong Kong wuxia film adapted from Louis Cha's novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber