Kung Fu Soccer

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Kung Fu Soccer
Genre Modern Drama
Directed by Ho Wai Chan
Sin Ming Ko
Ping Kwong Lee
Man Kit Poon
Starring Dicky Cheung
Bowie Lam
Sandra Ng
Gillian Chung (Guest Star)
Charlene Choi (Guest Star)
Opening theme "足球小將" by
Dicky Cheung
Ending theme "貪慕虛榮" by
Joey Yung
Country of origin Hong Kong, Guangdong, China
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 33
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s) Ting Yut Siu
Original network TVB
Original release December 6, 2004 –
January 9, 2005
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Kung Fu Soccer (Chinese:功夫足球) is a Hong Kong television drama series that aired on TVB from December 6, 2004 to January 9, 2005.


Kung Fu Soccer is about the soccer world intwined with talented people. Each character has a special Kung Fu talent that they use to play soccer.

Lam Chung Fu (Anthony Wong) was once a great soccer player in China. While at the top of his soccer-playing career, his brother sets him up and he is forced to give up soccer. One day, Lam meets a young man named Shun/Little Sun (Dicky Cheung) and is impressed by his kung-fu and kicking skills. Shun or little shun has this disease which he has a bad really bad memory and will not remember people except everything relating to soccer for example, soccer players, soccer teams and soccer matches.Lam immediately comes up with an idea to form a Kung-Fu soccer team and apply martial arts skill to the game of soccer. When Lam Chung Fu created the soccer team, they lost their first game with 16-2. However they were trained really hard by Lam Chung Fu and won most of their games. During these times Shun were in help by a traditional Chinese doctor which had new medications that can help him. However this new medication has a huge risk. The risk is that, Shun could die. Shun's sister, a person with many kung fu skills, gave Shun the choice with Shun wanting to do the new medication. Shun however survived and is back to a normal person with him being the captain of the team. The story continues with their team winning and having many sponsors. Near the end, Lam Chung Fu's brother, Lam Chung Pau an evil person wants their team to lose, so Pau created another Kung Fu soccer team to compete against them. Pau has many evil workers to work for him and later killed 2 people from Fu's soccer team. The two players were a goal keeper who tried to save his team mates while they were trapped in a building by Pau and a defence player who tried to save another player from his team by donating his kidney because of pau's player who kicked Fu's player really hard during a soccer match. The defence player was unlucky and died after the operation while the player who he tried to save, survived. The players all succeed at last and were world known because of Lam Chung Fu's hard work.