Kung Kao Po

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Kung Kao Po
Kung Kao Po 1st issue.JPG
The first issue of Kung Kao Po
published on 1st Aug, 1928
Traditional Chinese 公教報
Simplified Chinese 公教报
Literal meaning Catholic newspaper
Kung Kao Po
Kung Kao Po logo.png
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owners Roman Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
Founded 1928
Headquarters 16 Caine Road, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong
Website http://kkp.org.hk/

Kung Kao Po (literally “Catholic newspaper”) is a Chinese newspaper that published in Hong Kong. First published on August 1, 1928, the newspaper, which is owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, is one of the oldest newspapers in Hong Kong.

The Traditional Chinese newspaper is published weekly on every Friday. Its coverage includes local and international church-related news and a wide variety of topics, covering from education to health. Also, its content includes various columns, editorials, and a youth-oriented supplement (Joyful Youth). The newspaper also features Chinese version of pastoral letters from the Bishop of Hong Kong during different ecclesiastical seasons and special pastoral letters regarding certain topics on several Sundays.

In addition to being sold only in the Catholic parishes in Hong Kong and distributed across the hospitals of Hong Kong, the newspaper is also available through subscription. By subscribing to the newspaper, it is available to the overseas Chinese-speaking Roman Catholics, including the Roman Catholics in mainland China. Partial contents of the newspaper are also available online at its two official websites, which keep the issues that are published before and since September 25, 2011. The audio edition of the newspaper, which is recorded in Cantonese, was also available in MP3 format in the former official website.

In recent years, the Kung Kao Po has become known to the general populace of Hong Kong due to a number of its editorials on politics and social issues that are reported by Hong Kong’s mainstream media outlets.

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