Kungens Kurva

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The incident that named the area, King Gustav V´s Cadillac in a ditch.

Kungens Kurva (literally, "The King's Bend" or "The King's Curve") is a part of Huddinge Municipality in Metropolitan Stockholm, Sweden, 20 km south of the city. The area got its name September 28, 1946 when King Gustav V's chauffeur-driven 1939 Cadillac skidded off the road and ended up in a ditch. (The king was uninjured.) The name later became official. Kungens Kurva area consists mainly of large buildings with stores; for instance, supermarkets, electronics/hardware retailers and the world's second largest IKEA store after an expansion in 2014 the total area is 63,200 square meters. Kungens Kurva is close to Skärholmen, with subway to Stockholm.


The following sports clubs are located in Kungens Kurva:


Coordinates: 59°16′05″N 17°54′40″E / 59.268°N 17.911°E / 59.268; 17.911