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Kungsbron viewed from Norrmalm.
A boat passing through Lake Klara.

Kungsbron (Swedish: "King's Bridge") is a double bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden. Stretching over Klara Sjö, it connects Norrmalm to Kungsholmen.


In 1881, an old wooden bridge spanning Klara sjö ("Lake Klara") was replaced by a 10,7 metres wide steel swing bridge, hand-driven until electricity in 1906 made operation of the bridge three times faster.[1]

A steel two-hinged arch bridge with a single span of 42 metres was added in 1907 stretching over the older bridge. This second bridge was repaired in 1930-1933 and 1952-1953.[1]

The swing bridge was replaced in 1944 by two one-way concrete arch bridges, each 14 metres wide with a maximum span of 68 metres.[1]

The bridge(s) forms the continuation of Kungsgatan ("The King Street"), which was given its name in 1881, most likely chosen because it crosses Drottninggatan ("The Queen Street"). [2]


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Coordinates: 59°19′56.7″N 18°03′00.9″E / 59.332417°N 18.050250°E / 59.332417; 18.050250