Kungyangon Township

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Kungyangon Township
ကွမ်းခြံကုန်း မြို့နယ်
Township of Yangon Region
Kungyangon Township
Kungyangon Township is located in Myanmar
Kungyangon Township
Kungyangon Township
Coordinates: 16°26′24.2″N 96°00′43.8″E / 16.440056°N 96.012167°E / 16.440056; 96.012167Coordinates: 16°26′24.2″N 96°00′43.8″E / 16.440056°N 96.012167°E / 16.440056; 96.012167
Country Myanmar
Region Yangon
Township Kungyangon
Population (2014) 111,632[1]
Time zone UTC6:30 (MST)
Postal codes 130307
Area code(s) 1 (mobile: 80, 99)

Kungyangon Township (Burmese: ကွမ်းခြံကုန်း မြို့နယ် [kʊ́ɴdʑàɴɡòʊɴ mjo̰nɛ̀]) is a township of Yangon Region. It is located in the southwestern part of the Region, by the Andaman Sea.


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