Kuniaki Haishima

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Kuniaki Haishima
Native name 蓜島邦明
Origin Japan
Occupation(s) Musician, composer

Kuniaki Haishima (蓜島邦明?) is a Japanese musician and composer. He is known for his music in several anime and tokusatsu shows. He composed the soundtrack for Metroid: Other M for the Wii.[1]



List of works in anime
Year Series Crew role Notes Source[2]
1996-1997 Adventures of Kotetsu Music OAV
2001-2002 Alien Nine Music TV special
1999-2000 Blue Gender Music
2002 Blue Gender: The Warrior Music Feature film [citation needed]
2003 Dokkoida?! Music [citation needed]
1998-1999 Gasaraki Music
Gundam: Mission to the Rise Music TV special [citation needed]
1999 Legend of Himiko Music [3]
2000-2001 Legendary Gambler Tetsuya Music
2002-2004 Macross Zero Music OVA [3]
1998-2000 Master Keaton Music TV series and OVAs [3]
2004-2005 Monster Music, Theme Song Arrangement, Theme Song Composition
1998–99 Neo Ranga Music [3]
2001 Run=Dim Music
1998 Spriggan Music feature film
2003 The Wicked and the Damned: A Hundred Tales of Karma Music [3]

Live action[edit]

List of works in live-action television, tokusatsu and film
Year Series Crew role Notes Source
2006-2007 Kamen Rider Kabuto Music
2004 Kagen no Tsuki (film) Music Last Quarter [citation needed]
2007 Mushishi Music
1993 Tokyo Babylon 1999 Music [citation needed]
2005 Shibuya Fifteen Music
2006 Forbidden Siren Music

Video games[edit]

List of works in video games
Year Series Crew role Notes Source[2]
2004 Dokodemoissyo - Toro and the shooting star -
どこでもいっしょ -トロと流れ星-
Music PS
2006 Forbidden Siren 2 Music PS2
1997 Kowloon's Gate Music PS1
1995 Maria Museum curse of MA.RI.A 人形館の呪い Music PC
2010 Metroid: Other M Music Wii
1999 Rhodes Senki
Music PS
1995 Ultraman Music PS


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