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Palace of Kunihar Prncely State
Palace of Kunihar Prncely State 2nd part

Kunihar (princely state) is a valley situated between the mountains in the Solan district, which is also known as "Hatkot" and "Choti Vilayat." Kunihar a small valley, surrounded by a small river (translated as Kuni Khudd) in shape of garland (translated as Har) so he named it "Kunihar" during his visit.


Kunihar is situated 42 km from Shimla (going on the way to the Jubarhatti Airport) and 40 km from Solan (going via Subathu).


Kunihar was founded in 1154 by Abhoj Dev, a Raghubansi rajput from Akhnoor in Jammu.[citation needed] The state was occupied by Nepal from 1803 to 1815.[1] The rulers of the state used the title of 'Thakur'.

Thakurs of Kunihar[edit]

  • 1815 - 1816 Mungri Das
  • 1816 - 1866 Kishen Singh
  • 1866 - 1905 Tegh Singh
  • 1905 - 15 Aug 1947 Hardev Singh


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