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In Japanese mythology, Kuninotokotachi (国之常立神?, Kuninotokotachi-no-Kami, in Kojiki) (国常立尊?, Kuninotokotachi-no-Mikoto, in Nihonshoki) is one of the two gods born from "something like a reed that arose from the soil"[1] when the earth was chaotic. In the Nihon Shoki, he is the first of the first three divinities born after heaven and earth were born out of chaos, and is born from something looking like a reed-shoot growing between heaven and earth.[2]

Kuninotokotachi is described as a hitorigami and genderless in Kojiki, while as a male god in Nihon Shoki.

Yoshida Kanetomo, the founder of the Yoshida Shintō sect, identified Kuninotokotachi with Amenominakanushi and regarded him as the primordial god of the Universe.


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