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In Japanese mythology, Kuninotokotachi (国之常立神, Kuninotokotachi-no-Kami, in Kojiki) (国常立尊, Kuninotokotachi-no-Mikoto, in Nihonshoki) is one of the two gods born from "something like a reed that arose from the soil"[1] when the Earth was chaotic. In the Nihon Shoki, he is the first of the first three divinities born after Heaven and Earth were born out of chaos,[2] and is born from something looking like a reed-shoot growing between heaven and earth.[3] He is known by mythology to reside on top of Mount Fuji (富士山).

Kuninotokotachi is described as a hitorigami and genderless in Kojiki, but is described as a male god in Nihon Shoki.

Yoshida Kanetomo, the founder of the Yoshida Shintō sect, identified Kuninotokotachi with Amenominakanushi and regarded him as the primordial god of the Universe.

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