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Kunlun Station (simplified Chinese: 昆仑站; traditional Chinese: 崑崙站; pinyin: Kūnlún Zhàn) is one of four Chinese research stations in Antarctica.

It is located in the Australian Antarctic Territory at 4087 m above sea level, the highest among all research stations, and 7.3 km southwest of Dome A and was officially opened on January 27, 2009. Fully constructed the station is planned to cover an area of 558 m². The main building, covering 236 m², is planned erected in April 2009.[1]

The site is one of the coldest in the world, with temperatures occasionally reaching −80 °C (−112 °F) in the winter. It is indicated from satellite measurements that places nearby could reach a world record −90 °C (−130 °F) temperature.[2]

In April 2012 the first of three Antarctica Schmidt telescopes (AST3) was installed at Kunlun Station. The other two were planned for installation in 2013 and 2014. A bigger optical telescope, Kunlun Dark Universe Survey Telescope (KDUST), is planned to be installed by 2020.

Telescopes at Antarctic Kunlun Station[edit]

Instrument Name Aperture Installation Year Remarks
Chinese Small Telescope Array (CSTAR) [3] 0.145m 2008 CSTAR is an array of four Schmidt telescope with aperture of 14.5 cm,equipped with 1Kx1K CCD each.
Antarctica Schmidt telescopes (AST3) 0.5m 2012-2014 First of three AST3 telescopes was installed at the Antarctic Kunlun Station in April 2012.[4]
Kunlun Dark Universe Survey Telescope (KDUST) 2.5m 2020 KDUST is a 2.5 meter infrared optical telescope designed to detect and observe Earth-like planets in the Milky Way using infrared light.[5]
Dome A Terahertz Explorer-5 (DATE5) 5m 2020 DATE5 is a 5-meter telescope designed to detect light with longer wavelengths, which will allow astronomers to detect and observe nascent stars.[5]
Infrared optical telescope 6-8m 2020+
New terahertz telescope 15m 2020+

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Coordinates: 80°25′01″S 77°06′58″E / 80.41694°S 77.11611°E / -80.41694; 77.11611