Kuno II von Falkenstein

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Kuno II of Falkenstein (actually Konrad von Falkenstein, * in 1320 at Burg Falkenstein in Donnersberg, † May 21, 1388 at Burg Maus) was from 1362 to 1388 the Roman Catholic Archbishop Elector of Trier.[1]

His parents were Johanna von Saarwerden (Johann I. von Saarwerden, Heinrich II. von Saarwerden IV, Ludwig Graf von Saarwerden III, Ludwig I. von Saarwerden II, Folmar I. Graf von Saarwerden) was born ca. 1298, and died ca. 1347. She married Philipp IV. von Falkenstein ABT 1313, son of Philipp II. von Falkenstein and Gisela von Kyrburg. He was born ca. 1269, and died ca. 1328.[2]


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