Kuntur Ikiña (Sajama)

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Kuntur Ikiña
Kuntur Ikiña is located in Bolivia
Kuntur Ikiña
Kuntur Ikiña
Location in Bolivia
Highest point
Elevation 5,044 m (16,549 ft) [1]
Coordinates 18°20′25″S 69°00′15″W / 18.34028°S 69.00417°W / -18.34028; -69.00417Coordinates: 18°20′25″S 69°00′15″W / 18.34028°S 69.00417°W / -18.34028; -69.00417
Location Bolivia, Oruro Department, Sajama Province, Turco Municipality
Parent range Andes, Cordillera Occidental

Kuntur Ikiña (Aymara kunturi condor,[2] ikiña to sleep, bed or blanket,[3] "bed of the condor" or "resting place of the condor", Hispanicized spelling Condor Iquiña) is a 5,044-metre-high (16,549 ft) mountain in the Andes located in the Cordillera Occidental of Bolivia. It is situated in the Oruro Department, Sajama Province, Turco Municipality, north-east of Umurata[4] and south of the Bolivian Route 4 that leads to Tambo Quemado on the border with Chile.

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