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Ti-tree sprig2.jpg
Kunzea ericoides foliage and nuts
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Myrtales
Family: Myrtaceae
Genus: Kunzea
Rchb., 1828, conserved name[1][2]
Kunzea ericoides foliage and nuts

Kunzea is a genus of shrub in the myrtle family Myrtaceae described as a genus in 1828.[1][2] They are native to Australia, with two species extending to New Zealand. They are found throughout the Australian continent with most species occurring in southwestern Western Australia.[2][3] In appearance they resemble the closely related Callistemon genus, but differ in the arrangement of the stamens.

The genus was named after German naturalist Gustav Kunze, professor of botany in Leipzig.[4]

Several species of Kunzea are weeds in the fynbos regions of southern South Africa.


Sourced from the authoritative Australian Plant Name Index and Australian Plant Census as of October 2014 and the Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.[2][3]

  1. Kunzea acicularis Toelken & G.F.CraigWA
  2. Kunzea acuminata ToelkenWA
  3. Kunzea affinis S.MooreWA
  4. Kunzea ambigua (Sm.) Druce, Tick Bush – NSW, TAS, VIC
  5. Kunzea baxteri (Klotzsch) Schauer, Scarlet Kunzea – WA
  6. Kunzea bracteolata Maiden & BetcheNSW, QLD
  7. Kunzea calida F.Muell.QLD
  8. Kunzea cambagei Maiden & BetcheNSW
  9. Kunzea capitata (Sm.) Heynh., Pink Kunzea – NSW, QLD
  10. Kunzea ciliata ToelkenWA
  11. Kunzea cincinnata ToelkenWA
  12. Kunzea clavata ToelkenWA
  13. Kunzea ericifolia (Sm.) Rchb. ex Heynh., Spearwood, Pondil – WA
  14. Kunzea ericoides (A.Rich.) Joy Thomps., White Tea-tree – NSW, TAS, VIC, NZ
  15. Kunzea eriocalyx F.Muell.WA
  16. Kunzea flavescens C.T.White & W.D.Francis, Wild May – QLD
  17. Kunzea glabrescens Toelken, Spearwood – WA
  18. Kunzea graniticola ByrnesQLD
  19. Kunzea jucunda Diels & E.Pritz.WA
  20. Kunzea micrantha SchauerWA
  21. Kunzea micromera SchauerWA
  22. Kunzea montana (Diels) Domin, Mountain Kunzea – WA
  23. Kunzea muelleri Benth.NSW
  24. Kunzea newbyi Benth.WA
  25. Kunzea obovata ByrnesNSW, QLD
  26. Kunzea opposita F.Muell.NSW, QLD
  27. Kunzea parvifolia Schauer, Violet Kunzea – NSW, QLD, VIC
  28. Kunzea pauciflora SchauerWA
  29. Kunzea pomifera F.Muell., Muntries – VIC, SA
  30. Kunzea praestans SchauerWA
  31. Kunzea preissiana SchauerWA
  32. Kunzea pulchella (Lindl.) A.S.George, Granite Kunzea – WA
  33. Kunzea recurva SchauerWA
  34. Kunzea × rosea (Turcz.) GovaertsWA
  35. Kunzea rostrata ToelkenWA
  36. Kunzea rupestris BlakelyNSW
  37. Kunzea salina (Trudgen & Keighery) Toelken & de LangeWA
  38. Kunzea similis ToelkenWA
  39. Kunzea sinclairii (Kirk) W.HarrisNZ
  40. Kunzea spathulata ToelkenWA
  41. Kunzea × squarrosa Turcz.WA
  42. Kunzea strigosa ToelkenWA
  43. Kunzea sulphurea Tovey & P.MorrisWA
  44. Kunzea sp. Wadbilliga


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