Kunzum Pass

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Kunzum Pass
Kunzum Pass between Lahaul & Spiti 28-6-04.jpg
Kunzum Pass between Lahaul & Spiti
Elevation4,590 m (15,059 ft)
Traversed byKaza-Keylong
LocationHimachal, India
RangeKunzum, Himalayas
Coordinates32°24′57″N 77°38′55″E / 32.415798°N 77.648528°E / 32.415798; 77.648528Coordinates: 32°24′57″N 77°38′55″E / 32.415798°N 77.648528°E / 32.415798; 77.648528

Kunzum Pass (Tibetan: Kunzum La, (el. 4,590 m or 15,060 ft), is a high mountain pass on the eastern Kunzum Range of the Himalayas some 122 km (76 mi) from Manali. It connects the Kullu Valley and Lahaul Valley with the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is on the route to Kaza the subdivisional headquarters of Spiti. There is also a 15 km trek to the Moon Lake of the Chandratal from the Kunzum Pass. It consists of fifteen (15) sharp hairpin turns, testing driving skills of even experienced drivers. The drivers, travelers and passerby seeks blessings of Kunzum mata before undertaking the dangerous journey.