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Kuozui Motors, Ltd.
Predecessor Huatung Motors, Ltd.
Founded 1984
Headquarters Taiwan
Parent Hino Motors
Hotai Motors
Website http://www.kuozui.com.tw

Kuozui Motors (Chinese: 國瑞汽車) is a Taiwanese manufacturing company that builds Toyotas under license for the domestic market. It began as subsidiary of Hino Motors and Hotai Motors. The corporation was spun off and became independent in the 1980s. Toyota still invests heavily in the corporation's production sector, expanding Taiwanese plants.

It was founded as a joint venture, Huatung Motors, Ltd. by General Motors and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of National Defense. GM withdrew in 1983. Hotai Motors, based in China, then stepped in, and in 1984, along with Hino Motors, established Kuozui Motors.[1]


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