Kupriyanov Islands

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Kupriyanov Islands
Coordinates 54°45′S 36°19′W / 54.750°S 36.317°W / -54.750; -36.317Coordinates: 54°45′S 36°19′W / 54.750°S 36.317°W / -54.750; -36.317
Archipelago South Georgia
United Kingdom

The Kupriyanov Islands are a group of islands off the south coast of South Georgia, close south of Diaz Cove.

The name "Mys Kupriyanov" or "Mys Kupriyanova", for Ivan Kupriyanov, an officer of the Mirnyy, was given by Admiral Thaddeus Bellingshausen in 1819 to a cape on the coast between Novosilski Bay and Cape Disappointment. The name was evidently overlooked by Lieutenant Commander J.M. Chaplin, who in 1930 gave the name Johannesen Point to a feature on this same stretch of coast. Johannesen Point was identified by the South Georgia Survey, 1955–56, as an insignificant point not requiring a name. At the same time, the group of islands off Diaz Cove was mapped in detail for the first time. An altered form of the original Russian name has been accepted for this group.[1]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Kupriyanov Islands" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).