Kurşunlu, Bursa

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For the town and district of Çankırı Province, see Kurşunlu.

Kurşunlu is a coastline within the border of Gemlik district in Bursa Province of Turkey, and is one of the ancient sub-districts of the Bursa. The region lies between hills of about 1,000 ft (300 m) and the Gulf of Gemlik in the Marmara Sea.


In Gündoğdu, a village amongst the Kurşunlu hills, there is an ancient monastery called Hagios Aberkios. This monastery is thought to have been built by the Greeks before the Ottoman period. However, the general public is not aware of its existence, and it stands there abandoned. According to the new project of the Kurşunlu municipality, it has been declared that the Hagios Aberkios will soon be turned into a museum.

Coordinates: 40°22′N 29°01′E / 40.367°N 29.017°E / 40.367; 29.017