Kur-Araz Lowland

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The Kura-Aras Lowland, Kura-Aras Depression or Kura-Aras Basin[1] (Azerbaijani: Kür-Araz ovalığı) is a vast depression in central-southern Azerbaijan defined by the valleys of the Kura River and Aras River. It is situated by the West shore of the Caspian Sea and is part of the Aral-Caspian Depression. It is delimited by the Greater Caucasus from the North, Lesser Caucasus from the West and the Talysh Mountains from the South. [2]

Its extension is the Lenkoran Lowland, which reaches Iran at Astara.

References and notes[edit]

  1. ^ The name of Aras may also be variously transliterates as Araz, Arax, or Araxes.
  2. ^ Profile of Azerbaijan, a 2003 World Bank document

Coordinates: 41°10′00″N 45°50′00″E / 41.1667°N 45.8333°E / 41.1667; 45.8333