Kuraginsky District

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Kuraginsky District
Курагинский район (Russian)
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Coordinates: 53°53′51″N 92°40′21″E / 53.89750°N 92.67250°E / 53.89750; 92.67250Coordinates: 53°53′51″N 92°40′21″E / 53.89750°N 92.67250°E / 53.89750; 92.67250
Coat of Arms of Kuragino rayon (Krasnoyarsk kray).png
Flag of Kuraginsky rayon (Krasnoyarsk kray).png
Coat of arms
Country Russia
Federal subject Krasnoyarsk Krai[1]
Administrative structure (as of January 2014)
Administrative center urban-type settlement of Kuragino[1]
Administrative divisions:[1]
District towns 1
Urban-type settlements 4
Selsoviets 17
Inhabited localities:[1]
Cities/towns 1
Urban-type settlements[2] 4
Rural localities 63
Municipal structure (as of January 2014)
Municipally incorporated as Kuraginsky Municipal District[3]
Municipal divisions:[3]
Urban settlements 5
Rural settlements 17
Local government:
Head[4] Yevgeny D. Dmitriyev[4]
Representative body Kuraginsky District Council of Deputies[4]
Area (municipal district) 24,073 km2 (9,295 sq mi)[4]
Population (2010 Census) 47,690 inhabitants[5]
• Urban 60.3%
• Rural 39.7%
Density 1.98/km2 (5.1/sq mi)[6]
Time zone KRAT (UTC+07:00)[7]
Established April 4, 1924[4]
Official website
Kuraginsky District on WikiCommons

Kuraginsky District (Russian: Кура́гинский райо́н) is an administrative[1] and municipal[3] district (raion), one of the forty-three in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. It is located in the southeast of the krai and borders with Balakhtinsky, Mansky, Partizansky, and Sayansky Districts in the north, Irkutsk Oblast in the northeast, the Tuva Republic in the southeast, Karatuzsky District in the north, Minusinsky District in the southwest, Krasnoturansky District in the west, and with Idrinsky Districts in the southeast. The area of the district is 24,073 square kilometers (9,295 sq mi).[4] Its administrative center is the urban locality (an urban-type settlement) of Kuragino.[1] Population: 47,690 (2010 Census);[5] 51,873 (2002 Census);[8] 54,337 (1989 Census).[9] The population of Kuragino accounts for 28.8% of the district's total population.[5]


Kuraginsky District is the largest in terms of area in the south of Krasnoyarsk Krai. It stretches for 400 kilometers (250 mi) from west to east.

Climate in the district is strongly continental.[10] Tourist attractions include the Kinzelyuk Waterfall, one of the highest in Russia.


The district was founded on April 4, 1924.[4]


As of 2013, the Head of the district and the Chairman of the District Council is Yevgeny D. Dmitriyev.[4]


The district is a raw-material base for the metallurgical, food-processing, and timber industries.[10]


The Abakan-Tayshet railway passes through the district. The total length of the auto roads in the district is 641 kilometers (398 mi), of which 257.9 kilometers (160.3 mi) are hard-surface roads.[10]


There are thirty-nine clubs, two museums, thirty-six public libraries (with the total book stock numbering ~367,000 volumes), and three music schools.[10]


Thirty-six educational facilities are located in the district.[10]

Public health services[edit]

There is one hospitals, as well as four clinics. There are on average 1.23 medical workers per 1,000 people.[10]



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