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Native name: 倉橋島 Kurahashi-jima
Kurahashi-jima is located in Japan
Location in Japan
Location Seto Inland Sea
Coordinates 34°8′0″N 132°31′30″E / 34.13333°N 132.52500°E / 34.13333; 132.52500Coordinates: 34°8′0″N 132°31′30″E / 34.13333°N 132.52500°E / 34.13333; 132.52500
Area 69.46 km2 (26.82 sq mi)
Length 13.4 km (8.33 mi)
Width 13.4 km (8.33 mi)
Highest elevation 491 m (1,611 ft)
Highest point mount 古観音山 (Kokannon-yama)
Prefecture Hiroshima Prefecture
city Kure
Population 19565 (2011)
Pop. density 282 /km2 (730 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Japanese

Kurahashi-jima (倉橋島), also called Nagato-jima (長門島) in ancient texts, is an island in Hiroshima Bay located in southwestern Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.


The island is roughly T-shaped, with the northern, most mountainous lobe sandwiched between mainland Kure and Etajima island.


The island is connected to mainland of Honshu by a pair of bridges over 80 meters wide strait. The island is served by the national route 487. Also, travel by bus is possible since 2005.[1]



  • 7-8th century - a major center of shipbuilding and port for Yamato period Japan[3]
  • 13th century - an outpost against Wokou pirates for Kamakura period Japan[4]
  • 1709 - island come under government of Hiroshima Domain as an important stop-over on the trade route to Kaminoseki
  • 1860 - coastal artillery fort is built
  • 1 April 1889 - establishment of Kurahashi-jima village
  • 1890 - with the assignment of island to the Kure Naval District, the access to the island is restricted
  • 1 June 1952 - Kurahashi-jima village status is upgraded to "town".
  • 4 December 1961 - first bridge connection to the mainland
  • 1973 - bridge connection to Etajima
  • 2005 - merge of Kurahashi town to Kure

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  • This article incorporates material from Japanese Wikipedia page 倉橋島, accessed 14 August 2017