Kuramae Kokugikan

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Kuramae Kokugikan
Kuramae Kokugikan main entrance, 1954
Location Taitō, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates 35°42′08″N 139°47′30″E / 35.702333°N 139.791556°E / 35.702333; 139.791556Coordinates: 35°42′08″N 139°47′30″E / 35.702333°N 139.791556°E / 35.702333; 139.791556
Opened 1950
Closed 1984
Japan Sumo Association

Kuramae Kokugikan (蔵前国技館?, Kuramae Kokugi-kan) was a building situated in the Kuramae neighborhood of Taitō, Tokyo which was built by the Japan Sumo Association and opened in 1950. The Association needed a permanent venue to hold sumo tournaments as the previous, bomb-damaged, Kokugikan had been taken over by occupying Allied forces after World War II. Since then tournaments had been held in various venues including the Meiji Shrine and baseball stadiums.[1] Tournaments were held there until September 1984, and in January 1985 the new Ryōgoku Kokugikan was opened.[2]


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